Tuesday, July 22, 2008


I'm house sitting right now....for my friend Ali.

I'm taking care of a dog and 2 cats (and a pool and plants - they are ALL fine, by the way, Ali!!!) The dog...she's a nut...totally! All she wants to do is play! It was 102° yesterday...ONE HUNDRED AND TWO...and the nutter wanted to chase a frisbee or soccer ball. I kept filling her "bucket" with water, and she'd go over, dunk her head (and her frisbee - why DOES she do that, Ali???) and then she'd be ready for another round! I was good and limited her time out, though.

Last night, there must have been a lot of critters in the yard...because she would start growling and yipping...one of the cats (Dani) would sit by the window and peer out intently. Crazy...

I've gotten used to city sounds and the general noise of music from cars (at Arby's next door) and I absolutely HATE all the lights (when they cleared for the construction site, all the parking lot lights became visible). So...being out at Ali's is different...SO quiet! The the sounds of critters chirping and creaking (as Scotty describes the sound of crickets!). And there are NO lights...just the stars in the sky. It was gorgeous sitting on the deck looking up last night...wow. But I have to remember to bring bug spray! wonder if I can photograph that great sky tonight?

I'll try to photograph the critters I'm watching (well, Dani and Akela, since I did get one shot of Sagwa - she's a Ragdoll cat)


rennratt said...

Enjoy your time there!

Are you taking time to SWIM in that pool?


The Mrs. said...

moving to the country was so strange after living in a city. strange but peaceful.... except the bugs! hope you dont get eaten alive!