Thursday, July 31, 2008

Heidi's Meme...


1. If there was a movie made of your life, who would you want to play the part of YOU?
Gosh, I don't know...Reba McEntire, but she'd have to tone down the red on HER hair a bit!

2. What book do you wish you could jump into and experience? Why?
The bible...that should be self-explanatory!

3. Who would make up your ultimate dinner party? (famous, not famous people... whoever you want to name)
Family...since we're military and we are not close to family, it would be great to get my mom, dad, sister, MIL, SIL's, BIL, aunts, uncles, nieces...just all of us together.

4. If you had to choose just one channel on TV to watch for the rest of your life, which one would it be?

5. Are you the "photo taker" or the "photo subject"?
anyone who reads this blog and knows me knows THAT answer!

6. There is a headline on the front page of the newspaper today about you! What does it say?
Local Woman Survives not yelling at her kids for a WEEK!

7. You have won a car! But you have to pick from the following colors: pink, lime green, baby blue. Which one do you choose to be your ride?
Lime's a cool color!

8. Are you more of a singer, an actor, or heckling audience member?
lately? more singer (musician)...though I like the acting part too. But I don't ever heckle (not out loud at least) because I know people work hard to be up there.

9. The Road Runner... tastes like chicken or wise as an owl?
tastes like chicken, man!

10. Tell us something about yourself that will make us say, "Dude, are you alright?!?!"
my old neighbors moved out this week...and I miss them! (if you've read this blog long enough, you KNOW the problems I've had with them....but the new folks showed up today...with 2 pickup towing the other...which had no engine, and is now hogging up one precious parking space in the driveway from hell)


Tanya (aka NetChick) said...

Thanks for sharing the meme with us... It's always fun to hit a blog for the first time, and learn something interesting about the blogger. Happy Friday! Michele sent me by!

Denise said...

I followed the link in your e-mail here. You have talent behind that camera! When I saw the pictures below I immediately thought to ask how much you charge for pics. I'm curious if you were ever able to "prove" you held the copyright! lol Have fun in the quiet of St. George!