Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Thematic Photographic - look up

Carmi's challenge this week is to LOOK UP....

Here are two shots from a recent outing - I look up...and around and all I see is this:
(as Carmi says, "click to embiggen")

Remember...I said RECENT one or two weekends past. That stuff in the sky? It is NOT snow. It's "cotton" from the cottonwood trees. Cottonwood trees are very common here in Kansas...they grow tall and beautiful. But what I can not understand is the whole moulting of "cotton". This is the third summer I've spent here in Oz...granted, the 1st summer was half-way done when we got here, but still. I've NEVER seen this phenomena. On some days, it's utterly ridiculous. The edges of driveways and roadways look like they are lined with dandelion fluff on steriods...or a thin layer of snow. This stuff blows in EVERYWHERE. My garage looks like it's wearing day old scruff on the snowy and fluffy!

I'm wondering if this only occurs every few years....and one would have thought that with the immense winds we'd had with the tornado, that the cottonwoods would be done shedding...but nope, there's still big fluffy stuff everywhere....sigh.


saintseester said...

We don't have those trees, but I do love it when our white crepe myrtles lose their blooms in the wind. It looks like snow, especially at night.

Mojo said...

We don't have cottonwoods either, but I'd always wondered where they got their name.

Have to love that bluebird-day sky there though. Cottonwood snow notwithstanding.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for commenting on my post about Higglytown Heroes.
I forgot to mention when they jumped inside eachother, yea too weird. So there called Nesting Dolls, I didnt know the name of the things.

Jessica said...

I so need to start doing these with you! This seems like so much fun especially since I LOVE photography! Thanks for the inspiration!

smarmoofus said...

I love the look of the drifting "cotton" in the sunshine when you drive down a country lane. We don't have them around here, as far as I know, but I have seen them in places I've visited.

Lovely blue skies in your photos!


Bette said...

Your kids probably don't need to know this, but cottonwood fluff burns great! Lots of fun to make patterns of cotton on the driveway and then set it off.... :-)