Thursday, July 24, 2008

Thematic Photographic - Monochrome

Ah - post number 450!!!

Carmi's theme this week is and white.

I rarely, if ever, shot in black in white with film camera...but I love being able to convert photos from color to B&W, and with my Canon Rebel XTi, I can shoot B&W with different photo toning...from blue to green to sepia.

Here are some of my favorite monochrome photos....

My husband, with a goatee (which I don't like...). He says he'll use this as his book jacket cover when he writes the great American novel... ;-)

My friend Cassandra - she didn't want me taking her picture, but I caught her unaware, and it was just a good shot.

My son....just love the angle of this one - and the light in his eyes.

My daughter - I was just getting used to the camera, but I like this shot in sepia

This is actually B&W (not color) - just the toning filter blue


Gwen said...

Those look great, Linda. I never use the bw/sepia/tone options on my XTi. I convert my photos in my editing program instead.

LOL at your dh's comment about the book cover - it'll be perfect. Tell him you have the copyright to the photo so you want royalty pay for it. ;)

smarmoofus said...

Geez... I have to comment on each one of these...
The photo of your husband would make the perfect book jacket photo! I'm not sure what it is... the serious expression, maybe? Anyway, nice job!

Cassandra is beautiful, and in in sepia she looks timeless. Classic shot. It's great that you caught her unawares, because she's relaxed and you can see her natural beauty.

I love the playful angle of your son's photo, too... and you're right about the light reflecting in his eyes. It really adds some sparkle to his personality.

Another subtle expression in sepia. But with dimples this time. Your kids are adorable.

And that last photo belonged in a blue filter! It really emphasizes the cold and snowy winter evening.

I have the same camera, and I'm still learning to work it. But I love it! I learned a lot about it just today (and got some neat pictures in the process).


me said...

With all the fun you digital folks are having it is almost making me question my archaic film beast. These are all great shots. Does your beloved's facial hair follow the hockey season or is that my personal treat?