Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Wordless (almost) Wedneday

I know it's supposed to be WORDLESS, but I have to share a few bits of info. First off...these are "hidden treasure" photos - meaning, I took the picture for one thing, but discovered something else when I was looking at them on line.

Both photos are from my Konza Prairie photo shoot (see post below) on 7/12. The bison were on a range way beyond the scope of my camera lens (18-55 mm), but as blessings go, Scott Bean, who was my photography class instructor, was on this shoot as well (he's part of the Flint Hills Photo Club of which I am also a member, and he organized our Konza Prairie shoot) and he graciously lent me his 100-400 mm stabilized zoom lens (the stabilized part was VERY important, as that thing is HONKING HUGE!!!). SO I shot away at the bison....can you see what my hidden treasure was? Click photos to enlarge!

And the second photo was a REAL surprise. I didn't notice the little guy at all for the first 3 or 4 times I looked at the photo, either! The flower is called Butterfly Milkweed, and from what one of our docents said, it was actually out of season...just happened to be a sturdy patch that I discovered.


Jonny's Mommy said...

Great shots. I love when you see something different in a photo when you are downloading it.

I love to scrapbook and photograph too!

I'll have to check out your site more.

Jessica said...

Are those turkeys in the Bison Pic? On the second one I do see what seems to be a small butterfly or moth? Am I right? These are very BEAUTIFUL BTW! Thanks for sharing them. COLORFUL!

Kim said...

Beautiful shots!