Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Brave Boy

After the fiasco on Monday with the shots, we had an appointment yesterday (Tuesday). Scotty wanted to go, go, go...he was EAGER to get his shots.

I thought he was nuts.

He needed FOUR shots.

We got to the clinic and there was one kid screaming bloody murder. I thought for sure this would dissuade my little hero; he was adamant that he get his shots NOW. We waited. Patiently. Not so patiently.

The screaming boy (closer to 5 in age, I am guessing) did not let up...he would NOT let go of his dad...he didn't want the lollipop he'd been given. His mom even brought his favorite stuffed animal, but he was having none of it. He cried and cried...he exclaimed that he'd been "'s torture, torture, MORE torture all day, it hurts this torture" (had to laugh at his dramatics).

But of course, I fully expected my son to get into hysterics before (particularly due to the drama boy already going) we ever entered the room. This is the child who will cry if his sister touches him!

We got into the room and the nurse talked and talked. The apprehensive look appeared on Scotty's face...but he was still being brave. The nurse asked him to lay down on his back. I took his hands, put his little stuffed pug (Pookie, the webkinz dog) on his tummy and talked to him. He didn't flinch with the first shot. The second shot hurt - his eyes widened, but he remained quiet and stoic.

The third shot went in without an issue...but number could SEE the hurt in his eyes. I told him it was okay, he could cry. He said, "that HURTS", and one lone tear fell from the corner of his eye. And we sat up. And he took his lollipop.

The nurse asked if he would stay and be an example to all the other kids. She mentioned the drama king who'd been in before (we assured her we'd experienced him too). She was amazed at screaming, crying. The one tear was gone. He was up and walking. So BRAVE.

We went to the little PX downstairs (he walked all the time - and he was running and jumping as always!) and got a special treat for such a brave boy. (nutter butter cookies and a MONDO bottle of water!)


SB said...

I hope you're gonna scrap that sroty...and fast! What a cutie!

Sue said...

My baby is brave -- I love it -- and man he is growing up fast :(

rennratt said...

I'd like to borrow your son as an example for my daughter.

The last time my daughter had a shot, she KICKED the doctor... a very inappropriate place.

Granted, it was a "reaction" kick, but still!

[The doctor lied and said 'I will give you the shot in a second' AS he was giving her the shot. She was clearly unimpressed. I made her apologize to EVERYONE there, ON THE SPOT.]

I think Scotty's example would make her think twice next time!

liberal army wife said...

yay, Scotty. a very brave young man.


Berry Patch said...

As soon as that lone tear came I would have cried buckets for the both of us. What a brave, BRAVE brave little boy. :-)