Sunday, August 10, 2008

Yard sale bargains...

I LOVE yard sales. Drives Scott batty, because I spend money at these things... he likes to HAVE yard sales, so we can get RID of stuff, but I like LOOKING.

Recently hit a spate of yard sales. I had a few specific items I was looking for. I was looking for a large kitchen know, the 2-tined "meat" fork used for moving large pieces of meat from a pan to a plate. Found a good one, metal handle, sturdy... ten cents.

The next best find are books...particularly if I can find Ann Rule paperbacks. I generally won't spend full price on these, but I do love to read her true crime books, so that's always one on my list. And of course, kids' books. And certain toys are always a good find. Like Rescue Heroes.

So, at one yard sale, we stocked up on kids' books. They were in OUTSTANDING condition and they had wonderful titles (like Curious George) etc. They were a bit pricier than I would have liked (3 for a dollar), but they had a "if you get three, get one free" 4 for a dollar, for the quality, was worth it. Scotty found a few Rescue Heroes (they truly ARE hard to find) and we found a few computer games (including, why, yes, RESCUE HEROES).

But it was the Pampered Chef that got me at one sale. I got TWO great, BRAND NEW stones. The "vanilla" deep dish New Traditions Pie Plate, which usually costs $30,
and the Mini Fluted Pan (makes 6 mini bundt cakes)

which sells for $12.50. Because they were brand new, I didn't mind paying what I did. I paid a total of $15 for BOTH. The pie plate was $9 and the fluted pan was $6. Oh yes...I WILL be using them, too!!!

And while we were there, Hannah picked up a "Skip It" for 50 cents.

This has frustrated her to no end. It requires coordination and skill. And PATIENCE, of which she has NONE. Remember, from my previous post about bike riding, she needs to do it ALL AT ONCE. And this toy was a lesson in patience, at the very least! But, as with all, she finally mastered it and loves playing with it (it probably didn't help that the boys in the neighborhood had it mastered before she did!).

And at one yard sale, we got some CARS stuff (not often found yet), and one woman was selling Beanie Babies. I told Hannah she could have ONE and I was fully prepared to bargain with the lady, as they were all in fantastic condition with tag protectors, etc. Hannah picked the purple "Yours Truly" bear. I went to pay and the lady said, "okay...twenty five for the bear..." and I was about to start MEGA bargaining, when she said, "and fifty for the CARS, so that's seventy-five cents" jaw about fell to the ground. I told Hannah she could have another bear for THAT price, lol!

Do you have any GREAT yard sale bargains to share?


Suzanne said...

I love your finds! Especially the Pampered Chef. I love yard sales too. Yard Sales in Sierra Vista are sparce and kind of disappointing (except the post-wide, of course). I haven't gone here yet, but I have been finding some good stuff on Craig's list. I recently got 2 AC window units for $25 (for both). A couple more of those babies and I can keep my windows closed, shutting out most of the neighborhood noise. (Last night, 2AM, I kid you not, some people behind us were blasting "Thriller"!

I was going to tell you that while we were in the garden at the Dole Plantation yesterday I thought of you and your camera, and the amazing things you would do there! (And my camera's problem was that I needed to wipe off the lens. LOL.)

Sue said...

Can you believe I haven't hit a single yard sale this year -- what is wrong with me? Great finds especially the PC stuff.....I just spent $162 yesterday at yet another "party" :) But their Skillets and cookware are so definitely worth it.

saintseester said...

Pampered Chef? Wow, your yardsales are better than the ones I have found!

Suzanne said... the way, I meant to tell you that the picture of the pearl on my post isn't actually mine! I googled for that one. Most of the other ones I took, but not that one. resembles it. =)

Barbara said...

I got a bargain for ya: My grandma (who is an absolute PRO at yard sales) found a brand new (with tags) Harley Davidson biker jacket in size 3T. She got it for $20. And when we came up to visit and I forgot to pack a jacket for Jorden, she gave it to us. Chase is now wearing it!

New Girl on Post said...

What wonderful deals you fond! I cannot believe you found those Pampered Chef items for that cheap!

MacCárthaigh Family said...

Thanks for your visit. We all love bargains and it looks like you got plenty!

And yes, it is good to be saved!

God bless,

Kim said...

Great Pampered Chef finds. I especially love the pie pan. I was just saying this morning that I'd love to have time to go yard sale shopping with my mom this weekend. I think 25 cents for the books is a great deal.