Tuesday, September 02, 2008


Poor Scotty, he had a ROUGH day today. He got up way too early (he's much like his dad in that respect) and was bouncing off the walls all day. We had MOPS today so he was barreling at 100 MPH all day...add to that a good hard day of preschool, and he was in RARE form after supper. So, of course, we send him and his sister out to play for an hour. Not ten minutes into play, we hear him screeching as he runs into the house.

Poor kiddo...got stung by a wasp...these things make their mud nests on the stone walls of our lower levels and they're hard to get rid of. He wasn't even NEAR a nest (as far as we can tell, anyway) and he got stung on the arm. This is not the first time he's been stung either, so we know he has an allergic reaction to stings (not horrific anaphalactic shock, but he breaks out in hives). I rush him in, give him a quick dose of Benadryl and then make a paste for his sting. Of course, at this point, he chooses to tell me he's also been stung on the finger (we think it happened when he brushed the wasp away from his arm). Poor little guy. Sooooo unhappy.

But I fixed him up and sent him back out. Decided to go out with him to keep an eye out...you know, make sure he doesn't have more of a reaction. So, my little daredevil has appropriated one of the Schuler boys' scooters (a 2-wheeled Razor that he's quite good on, USUALLY) and is riding away. He stops near a dividing wall and slips a bit...and falls, chin first, onto the scooter handle. This thing's been dropped a few times, so the metal edge of the handle bar is showing...and it scraped up his chin just to the bottom of the corner of his lip. Man, that was it for him.

I took him in, cleaned THAT up, put his jammies on, put more paste on his finger sting (he said his arm didn't hurt anymore). Then I picked that big boy up, got him his blanket and his stuffed Dog (appropriately named Doggie) and we did some cuddle and rocking time in the recliner. He wanted a snack, but we'd just finished supper. (for the record, I'm a "bad mommy" and let my kids have a bedtime snack EVERY night...). I told him to wait, he'd get one at 7:00 p.m.

Two minutes later, the kid ZONKED out. Gone...la la land, here he comes!

I waited a good 10 minutes, and rearranged him so I could carry him to his room. He woke up, saying "but I don't wanna go slee....." zzzzzzz. He's still out cold.

I'll have to photograph the chin tomorrow for Wordless Wednesday. Poor little guy....


rennratt said...

No worries.

I sometimes feed my kid ice cream for dinner.

Only when it's really, really hot though.

Or when I'm really, really tired. :)

SB said...

poor lil sweetie...I don't know about KS but the wasps here have been more aggressive.

Sue said...

My poor baby, give him a kiss from his Auntie Sue to make it all better :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Linda,
Hope Scotty's stings are feeling better. I thought you were going to say he cut his chin and needed stitches!
Tell Scotty (Dad) happy b-day. I called the other night but got your machine.