Friday, September 12, 2008

you know...

you're popular when you get invited to two birthday parties on the same day. Seriously!

Let me back up a bit here....

As a kid, I was not popular. Sure, I had friends, and I loved the friends I had. I didn't really care who they "were", because to me, they were the folks I wanted to be around. Does that make sense? So, I wasn't part of the elite...the popular...the "snobs". Sure, I talked to them, and they were all nice to me, but it wasn't an inclusionary type of nice. And I really didn't care. I was who I was...a band geek, drama nerd, I hung out with people that others considered losers or bad...but they were nice to me and I was nice to them.

And I've kept that way all my life. I even find it a bit odd to NOW be part of a group of ladies who are "the popular" ones in life...because I never aimed myself in that direction.

But my daughter? Well...of course I want her to be liked. And to be a good friend. And to have people like her for who she is, and not for what she has. And to that extent, I don't go out of my way to buy her name brand clothing and high priced things to make her liked. But I don't set her up for failure either...I don't dress her in out of date clothing, make her wear polka dotted pants and striped shirts....or make her wear things that don't fit (either too big OR too small) just because "they still have good use in them". Hannah wears hand-me-downs from her cousins (and we are always appreciative of those, because, hey...CLOTHING IS NOT CHEAP!)...Hannah wears a lot of stuff from WalMart (because, HEY...low prices!).

So, I don't set out to make her Ms. Popularity. She does that all on her own. She's a well-liked kid...she makes friend easily. She's got personality PLUS...she has a magnetic smile that draws you in...she's a crazy kid that makes you laugh.

So...recently she was invited to a birthday party. I knew she would, she's been friends with Katy since kindergarten and they have attended each others' birthday parties every year. (heck, I even hang out with Katy's mom!). But when Hannah mentioned that another girl in her class was going to invite her to a party, I thought nothing of it. I told Hannah we'd wait till the invitation came. And it did.

And yes...she was invited to C's party...on the same day as Katy's party. But here's the kicker. It's at the same time. oh...the agony.

But wait...there's MORE.

It's at the SAME PLACE. Yup.

So...inasmuch as I would have said no to the second invite (having received Katy's first, AND also having known about it even before the invite), I felt that if I said no, and then we showed up, at the same place, for a different party, would have been awkward, no?

So I called C's mom up and explained. She said she knew there was another party, but Hannah was the first (and only) kid she'd heard of that had been invited to BOTH parties. Seriously...what are the ODDS???? Both birthday girls are 2nd the same school...but have not been in the same class yet.

So, I'm off today to get birthday present number 2 for C's party. We'll figure it all out when we get there. I'll do what I can to be sure Hannah's there to sing Happy Birthday for both girls...and when they're all in the pool (oh, did I mention it's a pool party? At the Clarion Hotel? NO? Oops!) she will have to be gracious and play with both girls.

I think it will be a lesson for her as to share herself without hurting feelings.

I'm glad my daughter is will be an asset for her, as a military child. Moving to a new community isn't easy, but I think she'll do well wherever we go!


The Mrs. said...

Two birthday parties! Good for her... pricey for you! ; )

And btw I couldnt find your email to send it to you but its village of montgomery. Made famous by the Orange co. choppers. Straight down 17k from newburgh. It really is a lovely little village... except for the random rude teenager and peeing dog!

De'Etta @ Choosing Joy said...

Wow. In all my parenting years I've never had a child invited to two parties on the same day at the same place. This is a first and quite a noteworthy accomplishment. I hope she had a blast at both parties. LOL

rennratt said...

I'm glad that you called the "other" mom to explain the situation. I'm sure she really appreciated the honesty up front.

In a way, it's great that the parties are held in the same place. It makes it easier to transition from party to party, without hurting feelings!

saintseester said...

She must be a very nice and friendly girl to be so well-liked by everyone. My daughter is nice and makes friends easily, but she is shy and tends to be very quiet in groups. So she is not in with every group, especially the boisterous ones.

I can't get over that they are both having parties at the same place, though.

Bob-kat said...

Yeah, I was (and still am) very much like you were. I have never been one of the popular girls but in the end that didn't bother me as they seemed to be more interested in the surface things rtahre than who someone is and at my school at least, were not very nice.

I'm glad your daughter is so well liked. How great to be invited to two parties!