Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Book Meme

Snagged this from Saintseester Says and it seemed like a lot of fun!

Hardback or trade paperback or mass market paperback?

I like them all...but if I am buying a series of books, then every book in the series must be the same....that's why I'm still waiting for the soft-back version of Harry Potter's 7th book....

Bookmark or dog-ear?

I use whatever's on hand (currently a business card). I stick it at the back of the book in the last few pages when I am reading so I don't lose it. But if I don't happen to have it (for example: if I've started a 2nd book while still reading a 1st book), I will just remember where I am at...I don't seem to forget!

Alphabetize by author or alphabetize by title or random?

Not necessarily alphabetized, but by author (if I have several by the same), and by size...so the largest book is on one side, and all the books are by size...yeah, I know...OCD a bit...and also by TYPE of book...all my mystery fiction is on one bookshelf, all the Christian novels and bible-study guides on another, all the "coffee table" big books on another, etc.

Keep, throw away or sell?

Mostly keep. If I'm just trying to cull out, I'll either sell at a garage sale or freecycle it.

Keep dust jacket or toss it?

I take them off and put them aside, till I'm done reading the book, then put them back on.

Last book you bought?

Twilight by Stephanie Meyer.

Last book someone bought for you?

can't think of one right now.

What are some of the books on your to-buy list?

The other Twilight series books...the 7th Harry Potter Book...some of the Dearest Dorothy books.

Collection (short stories, same author) or anthology (short stories, different authors)?


Harry Potter, Lemony Snicket, or the velvety embrace of Death?

Harry...then Lemony...

Morning reading, afternoon reading, or nighttime reading?

Whenever! I sometimes read while having coffee in the a.m. I'll read at lunch, then for as long as I can in the evening.

The books you need to go with other books on your shelves?

the 7th Harry Potter book, a few Dearest Dorothy books....

Do you read anywhere and anytime you can or do you have a set reading time and/or place?

Anywhere, but usually home...and no specific times.

Do you have seasonal reading habits?

I generally don’t want to read post-apocalyptic books during Christmas.

Do you read one book at a time or do you have two or more books going at once?


What are your pet peeves about the way people treat books?

I hate when I borrow a book from the library (especially when it's a new release and I've been on the waiting list for awhile) and it's got food stains, crumbs, or other "unknown" stains (seriously folks, if you get a paper cut, do NOT wipe the blood in the book that you are BORROWING). I hate when I get a book where the binding is broken and the book doesn't "meet" well in the middle.

Name one book you surprised yourself by liking.

A Thousand Splendid Suns.

How often do you read a book and not review it on your blog? What are your reasons for not blogging about a book?

I don't review books on my blog. I am a member of goodreads and my book reviews are there.



merci pour le passage et le commentaire

saintseester said...

Ew on the unknown stains in library books. I try not to think about it.

Sue said...

If I have a good hardcover book, I try to get rid of it on Amazon first for 1/2 price. My books are always in great condition so....but if after a couple of weeks they don't sell, I go to www.bookins.com. They give you points based on the type and popularity of the book. You put books and/or DVD's on your list and when you ship the book (they pay the postage) you get the points and then they go through your list and have others ship to you. You can get pretty good new release hardcovers for $4.99 each. Not a bad deal. As for stains.....I am loving my digital reader for exactly that reason LOL