Saturday, November 08, 2008

Photo Shoot

Yesterday, despite the blustery wind and cold temperature, the sun was in and out of the clouds and thus, it was PERFECT for a photo shoot day. I took a drive to Rocky Ford Fishing Area. I've driven by this sign about a thousand times in my 2 1/2 years in Manhattan, yet I never turned down the road to go check it out. And so, my van nosed its way to the right and I discovered a neat little place to shoot.

The ford area was once used by Indians to cross the river, as it had a lot of flat rocks. There's a dam there now, but the water generally flows freely over it. There's a long walkway, and a rock jetty out into the river. I walked all the way out to the edge of the river on this jetty. Quite beautiful, to be sure. I haven't edited all the pictures I took from there, but as I do, I'll share more.

As you turn off the main road onto the dirt road heading to Rocky Ford, there's an old stone barn. I'm assuming, of course, that it's a may have been a house, but it's got some odd square openings in the front that lead me to believe it could be something else. Further down the road, right at the Ford, there's a farm....with a great old barn and silo. Perfect for pictures, of course!

So, here are some takes on pictures I took. Different angles of the stone barn/house, and a few others I was able to edit thus far.

Looking out the walkway to the rocky jetty. The water on the right is churning because it's coming off the falls...the water on the left is much calmer.

a leaf on the shore...just stood out.

the old barn from the farm.

One angle of the stone barn. I don't think you can see the small square windows on the front. I imagine that this is gorgeous, covered with leaves in the summer!

Another angle of the barn, in black and white with some actions and filtering done.

Same shot as above, warmed up.

This angle of the barn was my favorite! In the background you can see the dirt being kicked up by a car. This is the original picture I took. I then played with it, using different filters, actions, etc. to get different effects. I would be interested in knowing your favorite(s)!!!

Above is one of my favorites!

This one is Hannah's favorite - she says it looks like a tornado is about to come. Very Wizard of Oz, don't you think?


ali mocabee said...

I agree with yours and Hanna's favorite...they tell a story. Nice work! Interesting place!

Gwen said...

Very nice, Linda. You're braver than me with yesterday's wind and weather!

I love the one above Hannah's favorite of the barn. What a cool old barn!

Barb said...

I am a sucker for old barns and I love these. I like the original colors in a photo because they show the natural aging, but for art and drama I love the Oz tornado composition. Tell Hannah she has a good eye for art!

PastorMac's Ann said...

Oh wow! These are amazing. I love all the different effects - it's too hard to choose a favorite. The first ones - of the lake - really look chilly.

Great picks for Carmi's challenge.

Carmi said...

I'm totally addicted to sepia, but I'll go with your daughter's pick. She has a great eye, just like you!

I love your compositional choices for this shoot. I could feel the wind cutting through my coat as I viewed these pics! Masterful stuff.

Scott said...

I love the perspective on the barn, fantastic composition there!

Berry Patch said...

I so love that you took the time to do this. I've been meaning to do a photo "safari" now for some time. Just need to find the time. Love all of them. Mentioned which of the barn ones was my favorite on Facebook. Great job.

rcaoldham said...

Great pictures Linda. I really liked the leaf and the last one. I "felt" the sky in that one. Like something was brewing. Good job. Christi Oldham

saintseester said...

I like barns, too. One year I gave my father-in-law a coffee table photo book called "The Old Barn Book."

I like your black and white manipulations the best.

Beth H said...

Linda--These are awesome shots. I have to agree on your choice of the angle. What a great barn! I love old barns. I thought the fouth and last ones were the best but they are all great. Your daughter has a great eye. Thanks for sharing.
Beth H

Heidi said...

Linda- These are great! It was fun to look through your various versions of that last shot... good stuff!

Jessica said...

That last one does look like the wizard of oz! These are great! I changed my address to:
If you have me on your link list you will have to update it to the new one. So sorry for any trouble this may be. Thanks so much for your understanding!

Sue said...

How fun linda - and yes -- very wizard of oz-ish :) Well done as always

Kim said...

Gorgeous photos! You and I both had photography on the brain this weekend! I love all the effects...did you edit with Photoshop?

Bob-kat said...

I love the last but one photo. The clouds seem to show up more nad really help draw the eye into the photo and to the far edge of the barn. I love the wintery colours too :)

I got your postcard today! Thank you. It was such a nice surprise to receive it. Sorry I haven't been by much lately. A mixture of busyness and health problems I'm afraid.

Ali said...

You are so good at this! I'm surprising Mike tonight and we are going shopping for his Christmas present...a new camera! I'm so excited!!!

Neverknowsbest said...

Whoah! The pictures talk by themselves. I would say they could even sing if they knew how and if there were a song that could be sung to express what this barn means in every one of your photographs.

Nice work!

Cynthia said...

Great pics!