Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Walk through...

First off, the house passed the 3rd CO inspection...yeah, that's right. It took THREE to pass. The first time was because the switch for the disposal and sink lights was not installed (which we figured was the reason). The 2nd time it failed, was because it didn't have the sod. Yes, you read that correctly...the GRASS. It had been landscaped, but they had not laid the sod yet, and the inspector (apparently he generally inspects commercial property, for which landscaping/grass is required) decided that he wouldn't pass it. They laid the sod, but of course, with long weekends and such, there was no getting a quick re-inspection.

Today, though, we did a thorough walk through. Our builder told us all about the little nuances of our to operate the irrigation system, the heating/cooling systems (on both levels), talked about the warranties and how to get things fixed, etc. We inspected the home very carefully and found little things (I think mostly it was dings and paint issues). There were a few bigger things, and they'll all be handled before we close on Tuesday.

It was nice to walk through and really look at things carefully, and learn about some of the features that we hadn't known (like the family/great room is pre-wired for surround sound), and make sure that all the things we saw as problems were going to be fixed.

Hannah was in school today after having an extra day off for snow (which were only flurries, nothing really stuck to the roads, just a bit to the grass/roofs). We did have Scotty with us, but stick him in a corner with a Nintento DS and the Lego Star Wars-Complete Saga, and he was happy as pie.

The guy who works the sales office Stevan, was really sweet - he gave us a gift card to a local restaurant that is quickly becoming a family favorite, The Flight Deck. Good food, decent prices, and a game room where you can collect tickets and trade them for cheap toys and candy (think Chuck E Cheez, without the scary mouse!). The kids love that part.

Scott's started his inprocessing. That's one of the things we'd hoped we'd avoid with our original closing. He's having to take days off in order to get the house things accomplished with the closing being delayed. We're having our household goods delievered the day after we close. We ABSOLUTELY need to get cable hooked up immediately because we can NOT miss the Steelers' Superbowl appearance!!!

We will be getting a garage door installed, and blinds all around, those are the two most important things needed...I need darkness to sleep, and since the kids' bedrooms are eastern exposure, they will TRULY need to have blinds installed, ASAP!!!


Christy said...

Wahoo! I'm so excited for you Linda! Can't wait to hear you're finally in your home. Praying that everything goes absolutely perfect and that you're able to get cable in ASAP! I have 2 friends who are DIE HARD Steeler Fans, I swear I heard them both screaming when they won the game! LOL (One's in Ohio and the other's in California! LOL).

Lori said...

I have been waiting for this post! I'm so glad to hear that you will be moving into a HOME soon. Email as soon as you have an address. Good luck over the next few days and I hope things will flow smoothly.

Bob-kat said...

Cool, I hope the rest of the process is all plain sailing :)

Kim said...'ve had a lot going on! But it'll be worth it when you're in your new home and you don't have to worry about sharing a wall with someone!
I guess you saw in my blog post that I "don't really care who is going to the Super Bowl." I'm a bad girl...I know! Ed is from PA, and I "should" be excited...but alas, football just aint my thang!

Berry Patch said...

You must be so excited that it is getting closer! :-)