Tuesday, March 31, 2009

it's spring...

Spring Where You Are

and it shows! The flowers have EXPLODED (we had a good soaking rain this weekend!). Azaleas out of control...wisteria and dogwoods in full glory. Camelias (they bloom almost year round here anyway, but they're so lovely!). I even got to photograph the blossoms on an Royal Empress tree! Just sharing my lovely flowers with you! I took many of these at Virginia Hylton park in downtown Lexington. Oh, and the link/button above? I'm participating in my friend Lisa's contest (Maine Berry Patch) She's giving away some great little goodies...so go along and play, okay???


More Azaleas, pink and white.

Dogwoods...there's a wonderful story about dogwoods I will post (or did I post this last year? can't remember, must search my blog and see).

White and Red Azaleas, with a Dogwood in the background.

flowering Dogwoods and Azaleas.

Beautiful Camelia

another Camelia, with beautiful pink Azaleas in the background

Azaleas line the path of a local park (there are not many parks around here, sadly. Something we'll definitely miss about Manhattan!)

Not really sure what it was, but it sure was pretty!

The blossom of the Royal Empress tree. This is only one of a cluster...they grow downward, like a cluster of grapes...but are on a HUGE tree...it's really neat to see this tree in the distance.

Wisteria, with Dogwood blooming in the background. Let me tell you, I sure do wish I could post FRAGRANCE on this blog, because it was absolutely incredible. So were the bees...buzzing about...there were SO many, but they stayed away from me (or vice versa!)

Waterfall in the park...I used f/22 (on Av mode) to create the motion (or softness) of the photo. I did NOT use a tripod, though I did brace on the rail I was leaning on. I also learned that if I remove my eye from the viewfinder, I will be much steadier.

More Azaleas

deep pink Azalea blossoms...they are actually purple buds, but the blossoms are a pretty pink.

This is what that lovely bud looks like when it blooms.

One of the park benches along the pathway.

close up of Wisteria Vine. If you've never seen it, it is truly amazing. It's a vine, but can be "managed" into a tree or bush. There is a beautiful one at the entry of The Augusta National Golf Course (where the Masters Tournament is held) that looks like a tree!

This is another shot of Wisteria, with a pretty yellow jasmine intertwined.

Young grasshopper on the Azalea.

Happy Spring, Y'all! If you've made it this far, be sure to comment...I will have a random drawing of all the posters, and will send you a 5 x 7 photo from this post - your choice!


Jessie said...

these are just beautiful!!!!

Lori F. said...

Simply beautiful. It's amazing that God created so many different types of flowers. I'm jealous as all we have blooming here right now are some crocuses and daffodils. Your photography took me away to another place for a moment. Thank you!

Barbara said...

Seeing those pictures only makes me long to see green even more. *sigh* I'm so sick of snow!!

Sue said...

Boootiful...wish I were there

Barb-Harmony Art Mom said...

Followed your link from The Berry Patch...wow, you are in the midst of spring in your part of the world. We have some flowers blooming but mostly everything is just really green.

Great photos!
Barb-Harmony Art Mom

Lisa in Jax said...

I love your photos! The waterfall picture is amazing!

Camilla's are our favorite flower around here. There's a park here that has many different varieties and we love going for a walk, picking up the fallen flowers and comparing them.lol

Berry Patch said...

So pretty! I love the Camelia. We don't have that around here or the dogwood. All so great! Still lots of snow and mud on the ground here. Blah! ;-)

ForestGreen said...

Oh Linda, they are so beautiful. Thanks for sharing with us. You definitely make me miss Georgia.

Spring is one of the best things about middle Georgia. Enjoy your new home and area!