Thursday, March 12, 2009

Remember, awhile back, I had asked you all to go vote for my friend Ali's photo which was in a contest for PCPhoto Magazine? Well, she didn't win the popular vote. :-(

BUT...she DID win something...

Only the GRAND PRIZE!!!! She announced it on her blog, and I meant to mention it here, but got caught up in the weeds doing other stuff (you know...unpacking, settling in, etc). Well, yesterday, she was interviewed for the 4:00 p.m. news show that WIBW does. It was a great interview, and it features many of Ali's landscape photos. So...please, go watch the interview. Ali was a mentor to me while I was in KS (and I'm missing that mentoring BIG TIME right now), but more importantly, she was a very good friend to me. She gave me the opportunity to sample her studio and learn about using a studio. She was someone who sat with me in church when I was alone. She had sweet kids and lovely pets. And I'm truly excited that she was picked...she deserves this!

Ali's Interview - click to go watch the interview.

Ali's Blog - you'll get a preview of much of her work here.

Ali's Photography Website - this is where you'll see what she's really made of...and you can buy her prints here, too!!!


saintseester said...

She really does some exceptional work. I like her people portraits the best, though.

Christy said...

That is so wonderful!!! Ah WIBW, the news I literally grew up watching! I'll go watch it tomorrow! I have enjoyed Ali's talent!

Bob-kat said...

I checked out her site and what wonderful photos! Congratulations on a win that was well deserved!

And while I'm here...guess what I got in the post today :) :) :)

Ali said... everything alright? I'm sure you are settling in and busy with a new life, I was checking in since it's been pressure...just thinking about you! Hope all is well.