Thursday, August 20, 2009

well, I'm on a ROLL! (Day 5)

Figured I could put up another day or so!

We are now on Day 5 - Friday:

We went to St. James City (near Ft. Myers) to visit my aunt and uncle (mom's oldest sister, Dorothy). I have not seen them in a LONG time (about 28 years!). Uncle Jack had some blood clots pass through his lungs, so he doesn't get around much. It was so nice to see Uncle Jack and Aunt Dot again.

Aunt Dorothy (Dot) and Uncle Jack (John)

Me with my aunt and uncle.

This is one aunt and uncle that we haven't seen much, since they don't live near all the rest of the family. Uncle Jack (who has a great interest in geneology) discovered that my great-grandmother, Annie Long, was decended of a gentleman named Phillip Long - who was a Scottish Presbyterian (MacDonald is Scottish-Presbyterian...go figure!!). Also that he (Phillip) was not a good man, as he GAVE away American secrets during the Revolutionary War...probably why he headed to Canada, lol! So it turns out that we have a turncoat in our family. Such is life!

We spent several hours there and then headed back home. As you head east on Veteran's Parkway (or is it Stringfellow?), there's a neat little town called Matlacha, on a small island, which was quite colorful. I didn't take pictures, unfortunately. This is part of the Pine Island area, which is where St. James City is found. They have crazy painted telephone poles was fun to try and spot them!

We took Rt. 41 and enjoyed the trip down...even with the many lights, it was neat to see all the little towns. Once we arrived back to Marco Island, we decided to eat at The Crazy Flamingo. We were going to try this restaurant the night we ended up at Almost Famous Mel's. We weren't able to find the Crazy Flamingo that night, because even though the address was Collier Blvd, it really WASN'T on Collier. But we looked it up and decided to go. I do wish we hadn't, for the most part. It was a small "bar" type restaurant. The food wasn't that great, and was rather pricey. Scotty and I had fried ravioli - it was my understanding that it was dipped in a batter first. That's how I've had fried ravioli before...but, NOPE. They just threw regular old ravioli into the fryer. The only redeeming quality of the restaurant was that they played Christian music the entire time. That really surprised me. It's rare that you'll get a restaurant that tunes into a Christian radio station! Oh well...not every restaurant has good food.

We went back home; everyone was tired. I think everyone went to bed early!!!

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