Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Please help a friend win a photo contest!!!


In order to vote on Facebook, you must go to Daniel Lane's page - not Daniel Lane Photography. I am not sure if you have to add him as a friend, or if the album is open for comments. Either way, you can add him and vote on the album page.

Wow....two posts in ONE day! A miracle!!!

Hannah's got a friend...her best friend, in fact...named Hannah. Hannah (the friend, from here on known has Hannah C) is a beautiful little red-headed girl. She and my daughter are like glue and paper...stuck together whenever they can. So, Hannah C.'s family had some photos done by a local photographer, Daniel Lane Photography (yes, I'm hawking someone else's photo business on my blog...mine's NOWHERE in comparison to this guy, lol).

Okay - distracted, sorry. ANYWAY. So, Daniel Lane decided to hold a "popular vote" contest with some of the photos he has taken. He's posted 13 pairs (a baker's dozen) of photos on his blog, and is asking for votes.

Now...Hannah C. is a pageant girl. She's not a "glitz" pageant girl; she has lovely natural beauty that shines through without tons of makeup and big hair. And she will be competing in the Little Miss South Carolina pageant this year...and she needs some new photos. It would be wonderful for her to win the package that Daniel Lane Photography is giving away!

If you can, go to the Daniel Lane Photography Blog and look for the Baker's Dozen Contest (I think this links you directly, but am not sure). Scroll down to pictures 11 and 12. We're asking for votes on #12. You can vote ONCE on the blog, and once on the Facebook page. Right now, I can't get the link to the Facebook page to work (it is listed on the post, but doesn't bring you to anything!) I searched out Daniel Lane Photography, and he does have a page there...but I'd not seen any votes yet (though I cast mine on the fan page, lol). Voting ends on January 31st, and on February 1st, the winner will be announced.

Here is the prize that is being awarded: a portrait session and a 12 x 12 or 11 x 14 wall print (delivered ready to hang). He's also giving away at least 4 portrait sessions to those who vote (so if you're not local, I'm sure you can decline the session, or hey, come down and visit ME! lol)

What are you still doing here???? GO VOTE FOR HANNAH!!!! Go #12! Go #12!!!


Lori F. said...

Done! Always nice to help a friend of a friend!

Gwen said...

done. :)

Daniel said...


Thank you for the kind words and the links to my site!

Best of luck!


Christy said...

I voted! Too cute!!