Friday, March 12, 2010


As I go along in photography, I like to experiment with different techniques of photo editing. One thing that has fascinated me for a while has been textures. I've seen a lot of freebie textures out there, but wasn't sure just how to apply them. I've been taught about masks, and if you use them right, you get some great effects, but that seriously takes a lot of work.

So, when I saw this freebie texture at Nine Acres Designs, I downloaded it for future use...then when I saw the picture she created with it, I was determined to try it for myself. I used the same technique she applied to her beautiful photo, but used 90% opacity for my photo. I then created a mask to pull out a bit of the photo...and here's the finished product.

For reference, here is my original photo:


These Nine Acres said...

Linda! I am so dang excited. This looks fabulous! Thanks so much for linking back.

Please go leave a link to this post in the comment section of my blog where the texture is so everyone can see!

P.S. I *for sure* fixed the jellyfish photo. I even posted it in the body of the post so everyone can see ;0) Thanks for letting me know.

Gwen said...

Looks great! I have played with textures a bit here and there, but not enough!

Country Girl said...

Looks good. Now beware, because textures can be very addicting!

Saw your comment over at Nine Acres Designs.

saintseester said...

Yes, this looks really good. It's the perfect photo for the treatment!