Thursday, February 03, 2005

Family doings

Well, this is now my second attempt at blogging on the web. I can't even remember where my first blog was, but I'm sure this will be better, lol! Much easier to remember this way.

First, let me introduce myself. I'm Linda...38 years old, stay-at-home mom (SAHM from this point on) to two wonderful children. Hannah just turned 4 on January 15, and Scotty will be 1 on March 1. Where did the time go???? I can still remember Hannah as the little baby, and now, even her brother isn't a little baby anymore!

Hannah is so precocious! She is smart as a whip, and I'm not just bragging, she really is! She seems to learn things all by herself, then she surprises me with what she knows. Of course, there is always a downside to this. She's very headstrong and strong-willed...something she gets from me, unfortunately. It's hard to handle at times, because we tend to clash. But she knows that I'm the boss...sometimes it just takes a little bit to get her to understand.

Scotty just keeps amazing me. I can't always remember all the glorious things that Hannah did at certain ages, so I have to refer back to her baby book to see everything. But Scotty continually does things that surprise me. He cut 3 teeth in the course of 3 weeks...all bottom ones. Weird looking, silly smile he shares with us! Now, he has finally cut a top tooth...just a tiny pinprick of a hole that we feel a tooth in...and to top it off, there's another tooth coming in right next to it...not the other front tooth, but the one NEXT to he's going to have a very lopsided grin - 2 top teeth to the left, then 3 teeth, most to the right. Silly little Boo-Boo!

He is a daring child, too. Always wanting to see what's going on, and trying to get to whatever interests him. He's not the kid you can leave for a split-second on a changing table, that's for sure. Even with a hand (or arm) on him, he's rolling around up there! But changing him on the floor is even worse, so I go with the lesser of two evils. He has taken to standing up and letting go...he's even gotten to the point where he stands up from a sitting position...without having to hold on to anything. And he is GOOD at it too. Now, if he'll just learn to walk.

With Hannah, I never worried about when she would walk...and I was happy that she was a late walker...but with Scotty, I WANT him to start walking. Why??? Because he weighs a TON, little piggy! He is at LEAST 22 lbs, probably closer to 23 lbs. And carrying him around is really hard. It would be nice to set him down and let him toddle a bit.

And he's such a mama's boy...not that I want him to be! But I can't leave the room without him crying. He wants someone with him at all times. He's definitely into that separation anxiety stage. Hope it passes soon. I can't even attend a bible study without him screaming...I end up getting him out of the nursery because he's upsetting all the other kids!

Scott's career is going well. We are going to Germany soon. Scott reports in April, but I don't know when I'll be going will depend on whether we get concurrent travel or not. I'm hoping for it, but if it goes the other way, I will get to spend some quality time with family and friends. He really enjoys being a bandmaster. I'm glad he was able to get where he wanted in his musical, if he can continue to engineer his Army career, I'll be happy. While Germany wasn't necessarily completely his doing, he managed to get us overseas, which I am thrilled about. Hopefully, he can get his choice of stateside assignments when we come back.

And me...well, I do the SAHM thing...drag kids around to stores, spend time with friends, bring Hannah to "school" (Mother's Day Out) twice a week. I attend a bible study (we're currently doing Dr. James Dobson's Bringing Up Boys) on Tuesdays, and try to get to a playgroup on Thursdays. Lately though, with Scotty being sick, I stay home...and I actually enjoy the time with him, and time to myself. Sometimes I forget that I really need to have some "me time" other than scrapbooking.

Yeah, I'm a scrapbooker...I collect a lot of supplies, but I am trying to cut down on buying (for now, lol). I have a couple of other hobbies - rubber stamping, card making, knitting scarves, and I just started making Salvation Bracelets. I hope to make some good money with the scarves and bracelets. Both are gorgeous. The scarves sold well before Christmas, so I hope they continue.

Will keep updating with interesting tidbits as I can.

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