Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Crazy Army life

as usual, we are having issues with our household goods. It's now been 5 months since we packed up our belongings. 5 months wearing the same clothing. When we packed up, we had to figure out what to bring for different climates. Since we were going to Pittsburgh, and then to Maine, we needed a variety of stuff. The weather was already warm in Augusta, GA when we left, so we had shorts and stuff. I packed some cool weather stuff, but more spring/summer stuff, hoping against hope for good weather in PA and ME. I was pretty lucky on those counts.

Since our first shipment was supposed to arrive in mid-July, I figured we would have what we needed for the summer, plus cooler weather clothing for the rapid changes in temperature and climate here in Germany. Of course, that was not to be. So, here it is in September, and we have been blessed, thankfully, with a spell of warm weather (mid-70's) for the last week. Before that, it was just cold and rainy.

Scotty's outgrown pretty much everything we had with us. I've had to buy some stuff, and luckily, Grandma sent some stuff too. Hannah's outgrowing stuff too, but not quite so drastically. I even checked at the post Thrift Shop for clothing for her, but there was none. Which is par for course, since there are very few kids her age around us, or so it seems.

As for me, well, I haven't outgrown my stuff (though I have come close, lol) but I am sick and tired of wearing the same shirts and shorts every day. I am planning on throwing it all away...unless, by some miracle, the hold baggage shipment arrives in the next few days...then I will take all this stuff and donate it to the Katrina Victims collection they are making here in Bamberg.

But I hate all the stuff I have now...wouldn't you, after wearing it over and over again, for the last 5 months?

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