Sunday, December 25, 2005

Christmas Musings

Well, it's Christmas. We had an interesting time here, our first "family" meaning just the 4 of us. We've always had Christmas with Scott's or my family, but this time, due to logistics and such, we chose to have a MacDonald Family Christmas.

It was truly wonderful. We spent part of yesterday, Christmas Eve, at a brunch sponsored by the Mottelers. Kathie truly went overboard! She had wonderful foods (sausage strata that was REALLY like clouds, eggnog french toast, and other yummy foods). All the guests brought stuff too, so it was a good thing I didn't eat breakfast. Was running late, and had to bake something on top of taking a shower, all in an hour, so I didn't bother to eat. But Kathie had gifts for the kids, which was great...and I'm not just talking about my 2 kids, I mean ALL the kids that were there (at least 7 others). She then gave us a container of homemade candies, AND a jar of cookie mix.

The rest of Christmas Eve was uneventful - just being referee between the kids, doing laundry, getting last minute gifts wrapped.

This morning was great! The kids both slept in until almost 8:30 a.m. Yes, you did read that EIGHT THIRTY...we actually had to go get Scotty up as he was not making noise in his room! He had a hard time with the gift thing, though. He wanted EVERYTHING open RIGHT NOW. He had no patience for ripping packages. In fact, when we would tell him, come rip this paper, we got his "noooo" and he would run away! But he did love the Santa gifts :

Hannah had much more patience. She oooh'ed and aaah'ed at everything she got, and truly seemed to enjoy it all, even when she got the same computer game from us that Auntie Sue gave her.

The aftermath was not pretty - it looked like the toy and clothing department of WalMart THREW up in the living room!

I've managed to get rid of the boxes (they are in the hall awaiting recycling tomorrow), and put the kids' and my clothing in our rooms (Scott still has to get his put away), but the living room is still a shambles of toys, old and new.

All in all though, Christmas was pretty great!

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