Tuesday, December 27, 2005

I vow...

for the year 2006, I vow the following:

To take at least ONE picture daily - perhaps to post here in the blog, or just because. I want to be better at keeping our family history. I want to take pictures of the kids every day.

To scrapbook, stamp or craft at least once a week. I would ultimately like to scrapbook one layout a week, create a few cards and knit a scarf every week. Loft goals, but I'm shooting for the "at least once a week" for now.

To take a long walk at least twice a week, alone. It's hard to get time to myself, where I can be alone in my head without the outside world barging in. So, if I can get a walk in, not only will I get alone time, I'll get exercise as well. Not a bad deal, all in all!

Right now, those are the only things in my mind, but I'm sure there'll be more!

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