Wednesday, December 28, 2005

recent conversation...

between Scott and Scotty. Scene: living room, where I am on the computer, Scott is on the couch and Scotty is standing by the hall door leading to his bedroom. He bangs on it...

Scotty: Dada...dada! DADA!

Scott: what, Scotty? You want something in your room?

Scotty: eeYEAH! (said VERY enthusiastically, with the eee always preceeding the "yeah")...bee bee!

Scott: you want to play with your pop beads?

Scotty: eeYEAH!

Scott: do you want to play in your room?

Scotty: eeYEAH!

Scott: do you want me to play in your room with you?

Scotty: eeYEAH!!!!

Scott: do you want MOMMY to play with you in your room?

Scotty: eeYE...NOOOOO!

Guess dad's got what it takes! I'm the comforter, the one he runs to to when he's hurt...but Scott is the FUN guy, the one who plays with him and has a good time!

I LOVE this face!

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