Thursday, December 29, 2005

Cheese-y kids...

I'm taking pictures of the kids with some of their new Christmas clothing so that the family stateside can see what they look like in their gifts. Scotty just got into saying cheese, well, HIS version of cheese (sounds more like DEEEEE). So now he has that super-wide cheesy grin for every picture. Case in point:

Hannah, of course, is now at the stage where she's a camera ham...can't get a "normal" picture of her, she's always tossing her head back, faking a smile, tilting, leaning, generally being goofy:

But, goofy or not, cheesy or not, they are very cute together!


pixleyyy said...

Love those cheesey smiles. :)

It's Joanne said...

Oh, Linda, they are DOLLS! What a "cute couple" (of kids) you have! Have a great day - and keep them smiling!!
Joanne from CWOLF