Monday, January 23, 2006


The dishwasher's running, the rest of the dishes are washed and drip-drying on the drainboard...the kitchen's clean (well, as clean as I can get my 6 x 6 foot space with not enough storage). I was pretty productive today, doing laundry (well, it's dry, but still down in the laundry room and needs to brought up 3 flights of stairs to be folded - tomorrow!).

I made 2 sets of curtains for the kids' rooms. Yes, I KNOW we've been here since June. It took me until mid-July to figure out how to make the rooms dark enough to deal with the 4 a.m. sunrises here. And guess whose room was the first to be done??? Yup - I'm selfish and like to sleep in the dark. Now, if those curtains would just block out the never ending sounds of the GATE traffic and the obnoxious, drunken soldiers (particularly on weekends), I'd be good to go. Ah heck, only 6 more months or so and we'll be in Kansas.

But now the kids have dark rooms - Scotty's taken to waking up in the middle of the night, calling "lie lie" (that's how he says lights!) and enjoying watching all the lights outside - the streetlamp right outside his window (I'll post a picture tomorrow!), the BRIGHT as day lighting at the security gates where they inspect the cars coming in - the spotlights the gate guards like to light up for no other reason than to keep warm...yes, he LOVES the lights. But I don't like the waking up at 2 a.m. because he's enjoying a light show. Hopefully, these curtains will keep him thinking it's actually night time now!

Now that everything's done, I SHOULD get some scrapbooking or stamping done...but it's not going to happen...I am going to go sit my butt down and watch Part IX of War and Remembrance.


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