Monday, January 23, 2006

I Got A Feelin'....


Yeah, uh huh! Go Stillers!

Big Ben ROCKED last night, and The BUS is goin' home....

I know, I know...I wasn't a Steelers fan until I met my husband. But year after year, we've watched every Steelers game that we could possibly see. It was bound to rub off. I was a Giants and 49'ers fan before that...but it's hard to be a fan of another team when you are married to someone RAISED in the shadow of the Steelers...someone raised in Iron City, and who was AT some of the playoff games during the Steel Curtain's I have become a Steelers fan, and will be forever, EVEN when they suck!

You have to understand, if you're not a Steelers' fan OR a football fan. It's been 10 years since the Steelers actually made it to the Superbowl. It's been TWENTY-SIX years since they've won one...they won Super Bowl XIV...fourteen.

On their way to this SB trip, they became the first #6 seed to ever make it to the SB. Ben Rothlisberger is the 2nd youngest QB to make it that far - Dan Marino is still the youngest at 23 years 4 months...Big Ben will be 23 years 11 months. Not a bad career for him so far! The Steelers are the only team to be on the road and make it.

Now...if ONLY they can keep their heads and beat the Seahawks. Man, oh Man, I would LOVE to be in Detroit for the game...or at least in Pittsburgh WHEN the Steelers WIN!

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Christy said...

Hey lady! I was cheering for the Steelers last night to win, any team that beats the Bronco's isn't half bad! LOL
I changed Chad from a Bears fan to a Chiefs fan...ok a little of his heart's still with the Bears, but he proudly wears his Chiefs gear! LOL

Once a Chiefs fan...ALWAYS a Chiefs fan...good years, bad years it doesn't matter.

I'm rooting for the Steelers to beat Seatle as well. :)