Tuesday, January 03, 2006

A boy and his buddy...

What is better than watching a great TV show with your best buds? The show? Lazytown (I think Scotty's got a thing for that pink-haired girl, Stephanie). The buds? Big Brown Bear, the ever-present "bam" (blanket), and the newest bud, the Batman/Superman Bop Bag! Notice how precisely placed the bag is...right next to him, FACING the television.

Of course, after a few minutes, when it was apparent that Stephanie was NOT immediately on the show, he decided it was time to tussle with Batman and Superman. Thanks to Auntie Sue and Auntie Donna for the gift - he does love it!

And as a sidebar - Scott had a Batman punching bag when HE was a little boy, too!

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SB said...

Thank GOD someone else's kiddo like Lazytown, too. Isn't that THE weirdest cartoon?
My kids were devestated at Halloween when we were unable to locate Sporticus costume nor a pink wig. Imagine the horror! It was worse when we spotted 3 Stephanie out trick or treating!!