Thursday, January 05, 2006

How am I doing?

So far, in my "quest" for setting goals daily, I am doing pretty well. I have been setting one major goal each day - what I want accomplished by the day's end. Usually, nothing huge...but when you have 2 kids underfoot all the time, even grocery shopping can be quite an accomplishment - IF you do it without having screaming kids and the "I wants" all the time. I've managed to get both bathrooms clean from top to bottom. They were swept, polished, scrubbed, washed. Windows, mirrors, floors...all done. I managed to get the desk cleaned off (yet again). Seems like it is a magnet for all the stuff we have no idea where else to put!

I had friends over for a knitting lesson yesterday. My goal was to have Cinnamon Bread (my own easy recipe - ask for it if you want it!) ready, and the place in some sort of order, with the exception of kids' toys. I did manage it, clean desk and all.

Today, the goal was to get the recycling done. Nasty business, recycling...especially here in Germany. They recycle everything...and I mean EVERY thing. The goal is to have a small can of food waste to throw out at the end of the week. Well, maybe not, but it sure seems that way.

My kitchen is NOT big. So, recycling requires a bit of Yankee ingenuity. They conveniently provided us with a small recycling bin under the sink (takes up half the space, of course). It has two buckets to sort stuff out. I put cans in one, and plastics in the other. All of our soda cans are now crushed beyond recognition, in order to preserve space. Otherwise, the bin would be full in a day or two (yes, it IS that small!). The plastics bin holds two crushed milk cartons (1/2 gallon coated carboard) before being too full. All my paper/cardboard recycling is in my "hausfrau" basket given to me by the PEP class I took. The newspapers are hidden in the closet. So, at least once, but more often twice, a week, I take the recycling down to the center. It's a pain, but you have to admire a country that can hold its citizens responsible! They even have someone specially hired at fast food places like McDonalds. You don't empty your trays into the garbage here. You put them on a cart. This "lucky" person gets to take your garbage and sort it all out for you. Incredible.

I don't mind recycling, honestly...but I would like the SPACE to be able to do it. We recycled in Connecticut. The refuse companies provided bins for cans, plastics, paper, etc. We could put two weeks' worth of stuff in each bin before running out of space.

Okay - I've digressed from my "goals" point, I guess!

My long-term goals of taking photographs daily, scrapping/crafting weekly and blogging more are also coming along. I haven't taken a picture today as yet, but I'm sure something will come to mind.

Now, I'm going to watch the 2nd disc of Friends Season 9!

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