Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Guess I'm not as bad as I thought!

I took an informal survey on some groups I belong to, as well as my all-time favorite mommy group (I'll have to write about these awesome ladies another time). I am constantly in a battle with housework. I absolutely hate doing it, no matter how you package. I wanted to know how others felt, and exactly HOW often people actually did stuff.

Here are the questions I asked, and I'll give you what the general replies were:

How often do you: Clean the bathroom COMPLETELY (scrubbing toilet, tub, sinks, counters, sweep and wash floor)? The majority of people cleaned their bathroom completely every 2 weeks. Most did say that they swished the bowl a few times a week (especially those of us in Germany!)
Vacuum your rugs Average reply was every two weeks! Surprised me, but most said that was about the time it took for dirt to show!
Sweep your floors Same as above - some folks said they didn't sweep, they just ran the vacuum over the floors.
Do laundry the average answer was every few days - most people with little kids or teenagers were doing laundry every day. Some of us only did it weekly due to having to shlep it down a few flights of stairs to the laundry room
Clean off your kitchen table most folks said daily - there were a few who said their tables were the dumping grounds or "desks" and they didn't bother since they ate elsewhere
clean off your computer desk or work desk This one got the BIGGEST laughs! Most answered "what desk" or "there's a desk under the paper somewhere". The funniest answers were "right around tax time" and "when I can't see the monitor and keyboard any more!"
make your bed the average answer for this was a few times a week. I think only 3 people said they make the beds daily. One answer was "when I change the sheets"
change the sheets On average, it was every two weeks. Some folks did it weekly, but my favorite answer was "when I can't stand it anymore"
Dust the general answer was "what's that?"
clean the kids' rooms on average, once a month or so - most have kids that do the duty themselves
wash windows/mirrors mirrors were done fairly often, but windows on average, twice a year
wash your floors generally attached to sweeping the floor
clean out your refrigerator surprisingly, most said weekly, or whenever they did groceries. My favorite answer on this was "when something tries to bite me or someone opening the door"
scrub your kitchen sink on average, this was a weekly chore. I guess if you don't own a dishwasher it would get done more often
clean the oven this had to be the absolute best. Most folks said NEVER! Okay, a lot had self cleaning ovens, but for the most part, it was the "if something smells when I bake, I'll clean it up".

I found this quite interesting and I was please that everyone participated and was honest, as well as had a lot of fun with it!

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