Thursday, January 19, 2006

Secure in his manhood...

That's my boy! He is SO totally boy. He loves trucks and cars and throwing balls, and being rough and tumble with everyone he sees...but there's a softer side to him: It's amazing to see how interested he is in all of Hannah's things. Hannah got 4 pairs of dress-up shoes (she won't play dress-up but she sure does love the shoes!), and he wanted to have them all on...he tried on every pair, and walked in them. He's not interested in them if Hannah's not playing with them, of course...that's just how it is with the younger child. They want everything the older siblings have. He has been seen in his sister's slippers and wearing her tutu as well!

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SB said...

Adam does the same thing. He cannot understand why boys can't carry purses.