Friday, January 20, 2006

Scrapbook Tag...

I got this from K's blog....she's got a GREAT digital scrapbooking site, but I love her pictures and may just "traditionalize" them the hard way, that is.

So - feel free to copy this "tag" game into your own blog or email and pass it along. As she says in her entry, it will help you get in touch with your own scrapping desires.

What Scrapbooking products do you DISLIKE? Diecuts. I have not used them much, but it seems like so much work to decorate a pre-cut shape or form. The few I have used never did look quite right and I long ago gave way to paper piecings and prefab embellishments!

What is the hardest thing you’ve ever had to scrap? I think it was my step-dad's pages...after he passed away. While I didn't always get along with him, and didn't always like him, he was my mom's husband and she loved him. She shared so many pictures and memorabilia about him that I really wanted to scrap it. Scrapping about his memorial service was tough.

What technique do you use more than any other? I think it's paper tearing. The majority of my layouts have a piece or two of paper that is torn. I really like the look of it, especially for layering different papers.

Ever been published? No, not yet. I've only submitted my very first layout a few days ago! I hope to be published, but I always look at my work and then the stuff I see in magazines and think, "I'll never get my work good enough to be published." So I bit the bullet and submitted something.

What’s the smallest scrap of paper you save? I don't save anything smaller than an inch, because it can be used for a letter block or in card making. I used to save it all, but then I ended up with a lot of scraps that didn't get used.

Finish the sentence… “If I wasn’t a scrapbooker, I would spend my money….” on books and other crafting stuff that I would start and never finish (that's what I did BEFORE I started scrapping!). I STILL buy the books, but rarely buy other craft things unless I KNOW I will finish the project.

Give us your best storage or organizational idea. I absolutely love my ArtBin MegaTote. These totes were originally designed for painting supplies, but ArtBin has expanded into scrapping and other totes. I love being able to choose the different prism boxes I want to take. There's a lot of storage in this little case! I could go on and on...better not, I have other questions to answer!

You just won a week-long scrapbooking cruise for 4. Who’s going with you? My sister...without a doubt. she is the one who got me addicted to this darned habit! The other 2 would be SO hard to decide...I have friends who scrap and would love to go. I think I'd take my mom, even thought she doesn't scrapbook (she would if she could afford this stinkin' expensive hobby, lol), and I'd have to hold a drawing to decide who would take the last slot...from the following people: Barbara H., Lisa, Maggie, Susan L., Annette, Charley, Suzanne B., Becky...okay, okay, don't shoot me if I forgot your name on my ever growing list of scrapbooking friends!

You can tag your friends to do this too if you want.

Happy Tagging!

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Oh please, I hope you win :)