Tuesday, January 10, 2006

So...how did you meet?

I hear that question a lot. How did you meet your husband? I think we have an interesting story that I feel like sharing today.

I was separated and in the process of divorce from my first husband. I was also in a brass band in Danbury, Connecticut. And my friend Gus, who was a Hellcat (Field Music) with the United States Military Academy at West Point was also in the brass band...as a percussionist (hey, brass bands need a rhythm section once in a while!).

So...the Danbury Brass Band was scheduled to play at the Brass Conference for Scholarships, held at The Lighthouse (School for the Blind) in NYC, on April 12, 1997. We had an early morning performance (9:00 a.m.). Due to military commitments, Gus was unable to make it to the performance, but came down after to keep me company. We wandered around the conference, checking out all the vendors, got some lunch, then went to the auditorium to listen to a group called the Titus Ensemble from West Point. Gus pointed out the folks he knew, saying, "oh, she's a Hellcat, he's a Hellcat, he's in the Jazz Knights". After their performance, we went back to wandering - I had been debating about buying a new mouthpiece and a double horn case. I didn't need the case, really, but I did need the mouthpiece. (I ended up getting both!)

Gus said he wanted to introduce me to a couple of the Hellcats, and he introduced me to Scott. We talked a bit, checked out some horns, and I was impressed with his playing abilities...AND a bit attracted to him, but I quashed that thought, since I was just getting out of a long relationship that led to a failed marriage.

As we prepared to leave, I decided to ask Scott if he gives trumpet lessons. I had been seriously considering my prospects after divorce and was considering going back into the military, preferably the Army. Scott said he did give lessons and gave me his number. It took me a few weeks to call; I actually forgot about it!

I found out later that he had asked Gus a few times if I planned on calling him for lessons. When Gus told me, I decided to call and schedule a lesson. I started taking lessons at the end of April. Scott was really a great trumpet player. He had good lessons planned out, and I worked my butt off...but for some reason, every time I walked into the room for my lessons, I would fall apart like a fifth grader just learning to play! I knew my lessons, I had them down cold, half memorized most of the time. But there was just something about being in the room with him that made me so nervous.

Well, one day after a lesson, we got to talking. We'd had an early-than-usual lesson because he had a concert to perform that night. He told me where it was in case I was interested in going. I didn't think I'd be going, but thanked him anyway. I headed home, over the Newburg-Beacon Bridge. When I got home, I realized I hadn't paid him for the lesson! So, I called him to tell him. He said I could pay him at the next lesson, but if I was going to the concert, I could give it to him then. I decided to go to the concert. After the concert, he and I went out for drinks. It was then that I knew WHY I couldn't keep taking lessons from him...I was attracted to him!

Well, it's been almost 9 years now since we met, and we are still very happy together. Yeah, there are hard times, but we've managed to stay married for 7 years, and have two gorgeous children to show for it. All in all, I wouldn't trade Scott and my kids for the world, because they ARE my world.


SB said...

aaaahhhhhh that is SO sweet......

Christy said...

now see you know I cry easily and add on missing my own hubby....so sweet! :)