Thursday, January 12, 2006

Things I should be doing...

but am not....

I SHOULD be resting - I am coming down with the cold the kids have had all week. But instead, I am on the computer.

I SHOULD be cleaning the house - having a sick kid underfoot all day yesterday has made this place a pit, and I really need to clean it.

I SHOULD be scrapbooking, or stamping - doing something creative. I have all these ideas swirling in my head, all these great things I got for Christmas, but I'm not doing any of it.

Instead, I'm on the computer...sitting and reading blogs. I found one that caught my eye. The Gnat's Trumpet - quite interesting. I found it doing a blog search on trumpets. This guy's a fink, a much more, yet I had to read the entire story. Sad.

I SHOULD be reading good blogs, blogs about scrapping or stamping.
I SHOULD be putting the finishing touches on my Brittany layout so that I can submit it to Scrapbook Answers.

But what I WILL do now is disconnect, and go wake up the little man. It's time, unfortunately, to go get Hannah from school. It's only unfortunate because I know he needs more sleep, and I hate having to wake him in the middle of a nap. He is too cute when he sleeps!

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SB said...

that sleeping baby is just too cute. Don't you LOVE those moments? Makes you wanna scoop 'em up and love 'em...but then you wouldn't get anything done, because you woke 'em up!!