Monday, January 16, 2006

A Toddler No More

It's official. My baby girl is no longer a longer a toddler. She had already outgrown that 4T clothing (well, except for the pants - she's got 4T legs but size 5 waist and butt, lol). She's officially a 5 year old. Hannah celebrated her 5th birthday yesterday, the 15th of January. We went to church, where the Children's Church sang Happy Birthday to her (she thought it was great!).

We had her party at 1:00. Hannah invited her best school friends, Ashlyn, Emily, Taylor and Samantha. She also invited Ashlyn's little sister Alyssa and our downstairs neighbor, Jordyn. Alyssa couldn't come because she was sick, and Samantha didn't come either, but we still had a great party.

The theme for this year's party was Care Bear. My wonderful sister got all the things we needed because I couldn't order it online in time for the party. She got us all the plates, napkins, tablecloth, hats, cups, and EVERY possible favor there was. The kids were thrilled with it all!

One of the ladies from an online group I belong to sent me a Care Bear cake pan so I could make the cake for Hannah. The cake pan was "Birthday Bear" but Hannah wanted Cheer Bear, so I made it work. Quite a challenge, but Hannah loved it and it was good. I could have ordered the cake from post, but Hannah doesn't like the whipped cream icing and wanted some of "mommy's good frosting" (homemade buttercream icing).

We had pizza, played some games (everyone went home with 2 prizes) and had cake and ice cream. The girls had a blast playing in Hannah's room, too. Hannah got some good stuff, she really was happy with all she got.

After the party, we went to AWANA as usual. The Cubbies sang Happy Birthday to Hannah, too. Some of the kids in Cubbies were in Children's Church AND at her party (Taylor and Ashlyn), and a lot were just at Children's Church, so they sang to her an awful lot. Not that she minded, of course. She loves the attention!

I still find it hard to believe that she's five years old now. Where has the time gone? We looked at her baby book last night. It's so hard to remember those first moments of holding her and the awe that I felt at this perfect little being, entrusted to my care. How is it that I've forgotten all this so soon? It seems so long ago, yet it's only 5 years...I should still remember. So I gaze at the picture of the baby in my arms, and I look at the girl my baby is growing up to be. I have so many wishes and hopes for her, but first and foremost, I want for her to be the BEST she can be and fulfill all her dreams.


SB said...

do ya feel OLD now? (smiling)
wait till she hit double digits...THAT is when you feel decrepit. My oldest is almost 6 inches taller than me and has hair on his chin....How did this happen??

pixleyyy said...

Oh, you rocked it on the cake girl. Looks beautiful. And Hannah looks wonderful!