Friday, January 06, 2006


It's finally over... the few hours that Hannah has friends playing here! She has a few close friends from school, and we rotate houses, once a week, on Friday morning. The girls get to play together (this is giving Hannah some much needed girly-girl playtime), the moms get to chat and have a nice time (don't interrupt me while I'm talking, Hannah), chatting about what WE would like (girls, you need to share with each other) to talk about and not have to (okay, can anyone tell me who is crying and WHY?) play referee...YEAH...right!

Today's day started with Hannah crying about not finding her Tinkerbell shoes. For a kid who doesn't play dress-up much, she loves those shoes. She's obsessed with the fact that they are scratched (because she wore them outside for Halloween), and cries incessantly about them when she can't figure out how to get them on/off/clean/put away/found, etc. Well, of course, they were in the middle of the mess on the floor. It took a good 10 minutes to get her to calm down.

Then the craze to feed the masses. 3 girls, one is 5, the other two turn five next week...then there's a sister who is almost 3...add Scotty, the almost 2 year old boy, and a 7 month old baby boy. It's a madhouse, since you end up catering to each of them (I want more juice...I don't LIKE grapes...can I have a banana?...I want what SHE'S having, etc). Okay...they're fed, back to playing and the moms can sit and have a nice lunch.

The best thing about this is that I can stay home after it all. One of the moms is always more than willing to drive Hannah to school at one - YAY! So I can get Scotty right down for a nap and do what I want for a change!

Life can be crazy, but at least it's fun - MOST of the time, lol.

The girls that Hannah "hangs with" are called THE PRINCESSES at school. There were 5, but now one is not going back, so we're down to 4.

Here they are:
Hannah Emily Ashlyn

It's great that Hannah has some girlfriends to keep her on the "girl" path. She still doesn't want dolls, and doesn't want to dress up OFTEN, but at least she is willing to try once in awhile!

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