Friday, February 03, 2006

Frosty World - #1

For the past three days, the humidity levels here in Germany have been outrageous. at 97% humidity, you would think we'd get snow. But it's too cold, the temperature being in the teens and 20's. So, what happens when you get lots of humidity and cold? Frost. A LOT of it. The entire city of Bamberg has been coated with frost. Not the light layer of frost you get most mornings, requiring a quick pass with the ice scraper. While the cars are affected, the amazing effects of this frost is most noticeable on the REST of the world. The trees, fences, grasses...anything that does not move...all are frosted white. This is a THICK frost that looks amazingly like snow. But there is no accumulation.

The world looks so different when you see it this way. While it is biting cold out, you can not help but admire the beauty before you. I have tried to capture it, but none of my photos can do justice to what I see out my window every day. (and taking pictures on post is a study in discretion, as they don't want you to do that here!) But I wanted to share what it looks like, and tried to get some artsy pictures that allow you to see what I see.

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