Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Self Portrait Tuesday

This is my first attempt at SPT...It's an interesting challenge of sorts. This month's challenge is "all of me"...to post a portrait of yourself and show your 'other' side, if necessary.

So, here's the portrait I picked. Me (and my friend Sandy) when I was about 12 (7th grade or so), being a total dork, which, have to admit, I was! My mouth was perpetually open with sound coming out (thus the nickname "motormouth...tagged on me at a VERY young age). We are sitting in a bar...yes, a BAR! My mom worked there during the day, and we would stop there from time to time for a soda. Someone made a pirate's hat out of a towel and the dork that I am, I put it on. And check out that shiny satin vest! Where in heaven's name did THAT thing come from? I have no clue - I don't remember it much.

Fast forward MANY years...I am STILL a dork! I am still geek, but I am proud of who I have become!


Sue said...

OMG -- look how young you were -- I don't have pictures of you like that at all!!! I think the vest was handmade wasn't it? Seems to me it was :)

SB said...

takes on to know one....Your dorkiness was so cute. Dorky looks good on you, girl....

You're inspired me. I am going to post one of my childood picture for SPT...I took one of my hair this morning defying the laws of nature, so I think the childhood route is so much safer.