Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Self Portrait Tuesday

I was blessed to be listed at SPT! K even took the picture I posted last week and put it on her blog! I'm so inspired by the "all of me" theme, lol!

I think I have nice eyes...but lately, there's the moles...I hate them. I come from a very mole-y family. They are QUITE rampant in most of my family. I have them everywhere. All sorts of shapes and colors. But none has been quite so annoying as these on my eye.

I was going to have them removed, but the dermatologist wouldn't touch them, said they needed to be removed by an opthamologist. And of course, insurance won't pay for that. I hat them...they seem to grow al lthe time. The picture doesn't show the smaller one. It was at one time, a very large one, but, by some miracle of fate, it got twisted, died and fell off. But now, there's a cluster of tiny moles. From very close up (using a 10x magnifying mirror) you can really see the little growths. From a distance, you see a big brown mole.

I think it takes away from one of the few features I have always felt comfortable with.


SB said...


I think you just invented a NEW WORD, Linda!

Sue said...

I know the feeling about being mole-y -- but I suppose I have been relatively lucky that my eyes have not seen it :) -- you still have beautiful eyes!!