Thursday, March 09, 2006


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I found out recently that soldiers from our post were injured in an IED attack at their base in Iraq. Won't go into more details, except no one died, thank GOD. So remember to pray for our troops, whether you support the war or not. These men and women are the reason you can voice your opinion. These men and women fight for their country - for the core of our nation and values. War is not pretty, it's not fun. People get hurt, people die. Families hurt due to these huge losses. They did not CHOOSE to send their loved ones to war, but they have no choice when they have to live without them. We can do without the ugly protests at funerals, the Cindy Sheehans out there who have all but forgotten the cause of their anguish. Cindy doesn't speak for me...but she does have a right to speak, thanks to men like her son who saw a great need and filled it. She, like so many others, has forgotten to HONOR her son and his loss - he's now forgotten in's all about her.

So remember to pray.


Scouser said...

Hi, here from Michele today. Unfortunately if I start ranting about the actions of the Cindy Sheehans of this world, I will probably go on forever. One question tho, did he enlist by his own choice or did his mother maybe suggest "join the army son, plenty of benefits, travel the world, nice pension"? We don't know, but if she was so concerned why didn't she try to stop him re-enlisting when they knew he would be sent to Iraq? Sorry, after reading more about the son I can't see what the woman's problem is. The guy re-enlists after the conflict had started, is sent to Iraq post-invasion. While there he volunteered to become part of a Quick reaction force to rescue some American troops and was subsequently killed during this attempt (along with other volunteers). This soldier had numerous options to avoid being killed and he went out of his way to put himself in danger. This may sound harsh but do you think maybe he wanted to be away from his overpowering mother?
Damn I knew I would start ranting. After reading up on the subject I conclude that the American government was in no way directly responsible for this young soldier's death.
I agree with your sentiments, protests are not going to change anything at all either here in UK or over there in USA. All we can do is hope and pray that out family & friends come home safe (and there is much more chance of that if they don't volunteer to put themselves in more immediate danger). I'm sorry, this comment is now longer than your post.

Scouser said...

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Laura said...

I'm certain that I read in several news reports that Cindy Sheehan's son had made his own choice to join the military and that the events of 9/11 prompted his decision.

You are so right in your statement that now it is all about her and less about him. It irks me when people take these very freedoms for granted!
By her account, The US could become a nice, placid, peacefull nation... but that won't erase the fact that there are countries and dictators that would love to attack us at any given moment, as soon as they sense our military has weakened. What does she think is going to happen then? Maybe we'll give her up as an offering.

I will definitely say a prayer for the soliders at your post!

Da Boogs said...

Hi, Another friend sent me that link...yes, 7!

I was hoping you'd be online to chat...I can give you a ring next time!

Ciera said...

Some very good points there. Whether a person agrees with the war or not, it's no cause not to support our troops!

here from Michele's! :)

Sandy said...

Thanks for the reminder. I honestly admire the men and women brave enough to put their lives in harm's way on my behalf. I wish there was a way I could reach out and say thanks to them all. Yet I can't. All I can do is pray they know we love them and appreciate them. And pray for their safe return home.

Thanks for stoppign by my little corner of the blog-world earlier. Glad Michele sent you so I could track back. :)