Friday, March 10, 2006

You Know You Live In Maine (or are from Maine) When....

You Know You Live in Maine When...

You call four inches of snow "a dusting."

You know what an Irving is and the location of 15 of them. (you can get good eats at a lot of the restaurants, too!)

Your car is covered in yellow-green dust in May. (But it's worse in Georgia!)

You speak of distances in hours, not in miles. (As in...Bangor's 4 hours south of us)

You think a mosquito could be a species of bird.

You've almost fallen asleep driving between Houlton and Presque Isle. (actually, between Houlton and Bangor!)

You know how to pronounce Calais. (and no, it's not Kal- AY)

You've made a meal out of a Jordan's red dye hot-dog, a bag of Humpty Dumpty potato chips and a can of soda.

You've gone to a Grange bean supper. (or a Legion hunter's breakfast!)

At least once in your life you've said, "It smells like the mill in here." (Many times, actually!)

You've ditched the car on the side of the road somewhere because you thought you saw some good fiddleheads! (or at least a roadside stand selling them!)

You know not to plant tender crops until the last full moon in May.

You always wave when you see a Maine license plate in another state.

There's too much "stuff" in your 2 "cah" garage to get either of your cars into it. (except up WAY north - they use the garage to keep the car warmer in the winter!)

You know what a frappe is.

"The City" means exclusively Portland. (Or Presque Isle or Bangor LOL!)

"Salt damage" is a viable insurance claim. (could be here in Germany, too)

All of the traffic lights blink yellow at 10 o'clock at night.

You think living where there *are* traffic lights is a big deal. (Considering Madawaska doesnt' actually have traffic lights, just a blinking light, lol)

It's not a storm - it's a Nor'eastah.

"Open 24/7" means nothing to you. (again, this is just like Germany!)

More stores have "Bienvenue" flags than "Welcome" flags.

You eat ice cream with flavors like 'Moose Tracks"(my ALL TIME favorite) and "Maine Black Bear".

You know that a chocolate doughnut is not a white doughnut with chocolate frosting.

You wouldn't eat beans in tomato sauce or Manhattan clam chowder if you were starving!

You eat potato chips with flavors such as "clam dip", "ketchup" and "dill pickle". (Yes, I have!)

You actually get these jokes.

Ah, Maine...Good times...good food. Want some Maine memories? Try Maine Goodies - try those Ketchup and Dill flavored chips, you'll LOVE them!


kenju said...

I've never been to Maine, but I hope to someday. I'll bite; how DO you pronounce Calais?

Micheles sent me.

Sue said...

Start with a hard K and end with a hard S (lol)

Da Boogs said...

Calais is pronounced the same as what you could get on your hands or feet...

Daydreamer of Oz said...

Well I've never been to Maine either but I think New England has a lot of appeal (will have to get there one day)...Found you at Michele's ;)

jennypenny said...

Mmm i love dill pickle chips! And moose tracks ice cream is also one of my favorite. They have them both here in Canada too. It's pretty early here now.. but I am hungry now. Guess chips and ice cream wouldn't be the wisest choices for breakfast....

here from Michele's

rennratt said...

Ahh! Another Maineac blogger! I was raised an hour north of Bangor, and two hours south of Houlton. [I mean that in pre-95 to Houlton terms].

I miss Ketchup chips, but NOT the fiddleheads. They make it 'smell like the mill in here'.

Does it smell like snow where you are?

I found you through Kenju