Sunday, March 12, 2006

why won't it stop???

The snow, that is. It was gone yesterday (Saturday). All that remained was a mushy snowbank or two here and there, leftovers from the plows. (and the plows here do NOT plow well, so the snowbanks are in odd in people parking spaces...since they DON'T plow out the entire parking lots, just a path in and out).

Yesterday started with snow. I had plans to go to Würzburg, but changed them upon seeing snow. I have no desire to get caught in a stau (say "schtow" - with the au sounding like ow, that hurts!) which is a German traffic jam, on the autobahn. Drivers here don't generally slow down for weather - so they're STILL driving over 100 MPH in the snow.

But the snow quickly dissolved into rain. I can deal with rain, so I changed my plans yet again. And it rained...until Würzburg (only an hour away), where it was cool and sunny. Came back home and it was raining again. Rained on and off all day, getting rid of all that darned snow.

Then, around six, I was doing dishes and I looked out to see SNOW...big fat fluffy flakes...not falling gently, but blowing SIDEWAYS. Driving, pounding snow. Over 2 inches in an hour. Then, as quickly as it started, it stopped. And started again. When I went to bed, it had stopped once more.

Of course, this morning, there's white everywhere, once again.

I know, I know - I'm from NORTHERN MAINE...I should be used to this. But I am not. While I am thrilled to have snow's MARCH for crying out loud.

I spent almost 6 years in Georgia. If you've never heard this, listen up: spending more than 6 months in the southern United States WILL thin your blood. You will immediately become spoiled by balmy weather in January. You EXPECT to see the daffodils bloom in February, followed by the ever-present pine pollen dusting from the loblolly pine trees. But it's WARM there, now.

Is there SOME PLACE in the world where I can get snow for December and January, then the weather will turn warm in February, stay beautiful all through the summer (read: no scorching, sweltering, humid as all get out summers), give me absolutely gorgeous colors all fall, and start the cycle again? JUST exactly like that?

Nah...guess I'm stuck. Can't WAIT to experience Kansas weather. (that was said quite sarcastically, by the way!)


Charles said...

You see, you should move to the tropics... then you won't have to deal with snow... only typhoons!

Michele sent me and I know what you mean about the little kid waking you at 6 AM! Every single day for me for one reason or another.

rashbre said...

Another intersting German weather is the 'glatteis' which is when the ground turns almost comically slippery. I've spent some time in Stuttgart and we used to get it there.

Even hardened locals would slither about on the slippery surface. And like your 'you know when you're in Maine post, you know when you are in snowy parts of Germany because people get in their cards kinda sideways and then bang their feet together to dislodge the snow. As a Brit, this is an acquired skill.

Danke sehr, fuer dein Besuch and schones Wochenende!


kenju said...

Lord, yes, I vote for the southern US weather. It is going to be 80* here today, which is a bit early for the heat, but welcomed, for sure!

Michele sent me.

SB said...

you're a wimp, Linda....

(I say that LOVINGLY)

Send me your snow. No Virginia is practically snowless throughout the winter. I'll trade ya!!