Monday, August 14, 2006

School Blues...

My daughter's starting school this week! I can't believe the little girl who has been around for 5 1/2 years is going to be a kindergartener in a few days!

I haven't done nearly enough to get prepared for this...I got the required school list of supplies when I first registered her, but that was it. I only just found out Friday afternoon that she'll be going to the school we wanted, Amanda Arnold Elementary, which is one of the best around here. And even better, she'll be in afternoon session, so that will be great for me, since Scotty naps during the afternoon. I don't know how much volunteering I'll be able to do at school though, and this has me kind of sad. My mom and dad didn't get invoved much in our lives due to work, and I would LOVE to be able to help out when and where I can. We'll see....

But today, I did the first of the clothes shopping...not much, and not really clothes...but it's a sure sign that my girl's going to school:

The white "Lizzy" shoes - thus called because Lizzy Hite had them and Hannah liked them...Hannah named them!

The brown mary janes...sweet and suede.

The low-calf Hello Kitty zip up boots. Ah...Hannah picked these out herself. She's getting into being a girly-girl, wearing skirts and dresses...she's going to be too cute in these with a skirt on!

I'll be hitting Target for some cute clothes this week. Open house is Wednesday night. School starts for the district on Thursday, but Hannah doesn't start till Friday. Only a half day, too...kind of dumb, in my opinion, but hey, she's going to SCHOOL! Riding the bus and EVERYTHING!


Sue said...

BTW -- did you get my package? I sent a cute outfit for Hannah LOL

rennratt said...

Our girls are the same age! Nooze starts school in 3 weeks.

I have been fortunate with finding clothes at consignment sales. Do they have them where you are?

SB said...

love those hello kitty half boots. They did NOT come in my size, darn it.

Just think what you will be able to do with some time while Scotty is snoozing....get that scrap area READY!!

Christy said...

So glad I don't have to go through leaving Jacob at school. I did that one yr for preschool and that was more than enough for me, even though we loved his teacher.

Our school always started on a Thursday, although we always went full day, then went Friday...then we'd go a full week...then it was labor day. I know in the last few yrs they've moved school ahead about a week so there's 2 full wks of school before labor day.

I know you'll take pictures of her and I'll make sure to show Jacob. They start school here on Jack's birthday (Aug 28).

pixleyyy said...

Oh, LOVE those shoes!