Saturday, August 19, 2006

School Pictures - read post below about 1st Day!

My new School Outfit

Here comes the bus!

My first bus ride to school

My teacher, Mrs. Hendricks

My first kindergarten art project,
A green playdoh snowman!

Mr. Shue, the gym teacher

Mrs. Hufnagel, my music teacher

My new friend, Jody!


Courtney said...

Oh happy day! I always loved the first day of school, with the new shoes and clothes and LUNCHBOXES. She looked so happy to be there and you should be proud.
Here via Michele today.

vanx said...

Very smiley. I've gone through three first days of school and am coming up on my second first day of high school, and, next year, my first first day of college. The golf umbrella just keeps getting bigger.~,:^)

keda said...

ooh well done you for not crying.
she looks happy.and the school sounds fun :)
proud day huh?!

Christy said...

I'll have to show Jacob these pictures too. He really is missing Hannah, he was asking about her today and said he wished she was still here.

rennratt said...

Hannah looks so happy! Nooze is just itching to get to school, too.

I will be taking pictures next week.


surcie said...

So sweet. I hope she has a great year. My boy starts preschool next week. . .WAAAAH!

Sue said...

Geez, I nearly cried LOL