Friday, August 18, 2006

Hannah's First Day

No, I did not cry. I was quite happy to see her go to school and learn! She was thrilled!

We didn't start the day off very well - Hannah ran into Scotty while he had a recorder in his mouth and jammed it down his throat - EEEK! Well, that proved a point that I had been trying to make, in the most unfortunate way. But, we recovered.

Scott came home to be with Scotty so that I could go to Kindergarten with Hannah for part of the day - the school asks for the parents to come in to see what will be happening in the curriculum. We had a hearty, filling lunch and got ready to hit the bus stop. Of course, it began to rain. HARD. Got my big golf umbrella and off we went. We paused to take a picture under the tree. Then we headed to the end of the road.

Unfortunately, our circle turns onto a dirt road. And it was more like a mud pit because it had been raining on and off since 3:00 a.m. But we managed to avoid any mud. The bus came, and Hannah jumped on without so much as a look back...but the bus driver saw me trying to take a picture and had her come back. Side note: there's a little boy named Will who is also going to p.m. kindergarten at the same school, so they ride the bus together.

After the bus left, I got into the car and drove to the school. By the time I found a parking spot, the kids were already in class. They started nice and easy, playing with playdoh. Then Mrs. Hendricks, Hannah's teacher, talked to us a bit, then got the kids to sit for a story. We then headed to P.E. class. Mr. Shue wore the kids out in 15 minutes. He had them running, hopping, skipping (Hannah was the only kid, boy or girl, who could actually skip properly!) and tossing.

We then headed to music class, where Mrs. Hufnagel explained her kindergarten curriculum. The kids did a little singing and marching and off we went to the library. We visited with Mrs. Vogts for a few minutes and headed to the computer lab. They have WAY better computers than we have! We made one more trip to the art room. I don't know how often they have art, but they do have PE and music twice a week.

After all this tromping around, we headed back to class where Mrs. Hendricks read another story then bid the parents goodbye. It was a lot of fun to see everything and how the kids interact.

Blogger is currently NOT allowing me to post I will post them all later!


rennratt said...

Wow! I can't wait to see the pictures.

Nooze starts kindergarten in 2 weeks. I need to go and get some film.

Sue said...

Sweetie, sounds like Hannah had a great first day :) -- can't believe she has begun school already :)

Kathy Young said...

Linda, that is so COOL that they include the parents on the first day of school. Here you get kicked out as soon as they are ready to begin. Love that you were able to get pictures along the way. What great scrapping photos!

Diva Kathy waving from "The County".