Thursday, August 17, 2006


It's the question "du jour" around here. But what's worse, is that the why generally follows a reprimand of some sort.


Me: Hannah, don't put that in your mouth, you'll chip a tooth.
H: Why?

Uh...did I NOT give a reason why in my DO NOT? I swear, my child only hears the first part of anything. No matter what I say, and ANY reason given to go along will receive a why. Now, I understand that this is the age of questions...but I was expecting things like, "why is the sky blue?", "why do people die?", etc. Not just the WHY. I don't know the reason I expected this.

And of course, Bugaboo has picked up on this - except he's more selective in his listening. Our conversations go more like this:

Me: Scotty, don't put the paperclip in the outlet.
S: wha?
Me: Bring me the paper clip, Bug.
S: Wha?
Me: Son, bring that here before you electrocute yourself!
S: WHA????
Me: Do you HEAR me? Hello????

All this time, he's standing at the outlet with the devilish look on his face (it's TOO cute, you know) and he's DARING me to come and get that darned paperclip....

(now, before you get all "what are you thinking - just get the clip away from him!" on me, Bug has NOT actually done this (yet, though I fear it's only a short time in coming - he tried to FLY off the changing table yesterday; thank GOD daddy was there, although unprepared!). This is just an example of the selective listening. If I even WHISPER The Wiggles, he hears me from two rooms away.

The odds of more wise and less whys are very slim right now, and I need a much needed break...any ideas????


SB said...

you have entered the realm of SELECTIVE HEARING....

I am positive that my own voice is on a frequency that my chilrden cannot hear.


Susan said...

lock yourself in a closet until they are 15. BIG GRIN

No ideas. Here is a sample conversation in our house:

Maya: why is your name Susan?
Susan: because that's what my mom named me.
M: why?
S: because she liked the name
M: but what if she didn't?
S: but she did.
S: then my name would be something else.
M:... why?

KaraMia said...

Mines good at selective hearing until I threaten to take whatever toy he's obsessed with away and give to small children in Egypt...

Anonymous said...

You could come visit me *evil grin* Love ya! Steph (skraphead)

Anonymous said...

My oldest Justin found out first hand about outlets with a pair of stainless steel tweezers. I was wondering why one tip was shorter and had slag on the end of it. He finally fessed up. Said it knocked him on his butt on the floor half way across the room, (small bathroom), but he wasn't hurt. He definitely learned his lesson! Sandy S.