Thursday, October 12, 2006

Busy morning

for the kids, anyway. At first, it was nice and quiet...good for someone with sinus induced headaches (early on...once the sinuses drain, I'm FINE!)

Scotty took the time to relax and watch Sesame Street on the downstairs TV, right behind me...I couldn't help but snap this picture.

Then Hannah and Scotty switched places. He headed up to his room to play, and she came down to her room to play. she picked out some beads...and down came Scotty.
They actually played well together, not too many beads went flying, and Scotty actually strung a necklace together by himself!

Hannah was more meticulous with hers, sorting by color.
Now, I can't figure it out...she can string beads on tiny strings with tiny holes. She can color extremely well for a 5 (well, almost 6)year old, but she can't put on her own socks. They drive her nuts! If diabetic (seamless) socks weren't so darned expensive, I'd buy her a ton so that she wouldn't have to deal with it. This has been an ongoing saga for many years. Last spring (2005), before we moved to Germany, I spent well over an hour at my mom's house making her take off and put on her socks. It was traumatic for both of us, to say the least. But for awhile, everything seemed okay. Now, it's all bad again. I guess, in the greater scheme of things, this isn't the worst thing that could be happening, but it's one of life's little annoyances that keeps me on my toes.

I have so many things that need done, but lack motivation. Someone please send me lots of motivation and energy. I've had too much down time to get going again....


Sue said...

I'll send you what I have left which my darling ain't much these days...........but damn are the kids adorable :)

Fern's mom said...

Several things:

No school??

Winter jammies - gotta love the midwest - huh??

I canNOT believe how much your kids look alike. Two peas in a pod!!!

Sock Trauma??????

and lastly - can you believe our babies are almost SIX?!

SB said...

cute cute kids. I swear when I fly to OK in January of February, I am driving to KS to photograph those kids....AND YOU :)

Micaela has sock issues too. I took a permanent marker and wrote her name on the bottom of a few pair and it clicked for her.

rennratt said...

If the seams are bothering her, try turning the socks inside out.

Then make her wear close-toed shoes.

No harm, no foul - and no bankruptcy over purchasing EXPENSIVE, diabetic (seam free) socks!

Carmi said...

Those smiles are beyond precious.

I so hear you re. the socks. Our youngest is 6, and he still insists that I put his socks on every morning. Pretty soon he'll be too big even for this, so I hold onto this vestige of childhood for a little while longer.

I suspect I'll miss doing things for him when he gets bigger. So I stick to sock duty for now.

NetChick said...

Sounds like she just needs more time figuring out the socks! I hear you on the motivation -- I'm just finishing off my first week of unemployment, and although I've been really busy, I'm kind of frustrated at the results! Oh well, one thing at a time!

Happy Friday, Michele sent me!

sage said...

If I had more motivation and energy... oh well, you have cute children. Here from Micheles.