Thursday, October 12, 2006


We're in the healing process with the wonderful black eye. As of today, we have more greens and yellows than black, blue and purples. Hannah takes it all in stride though! A few days ago, one of her classmates' mother asked about her black eye. She explained about Scotty's "ghost" and then all of a sudden, all her classmates realized she had a black eye! Instant celebrity!

The sick in the house are healing, albeit quite slowly. Scotty still has an awful cough. Hannah has started a croupy cough too, but mostly in the morning. Me, I've had a sore throat for more days than EVER, but it's due to sinus problems, which are slow to resolve. But I woke up this morning without a TRULY sore throat, which is a good start! Scott's the only one who has managed to stay somewhat healthy throughout this cold session. Hopefully he keeps healthy...PT test coming up in a week or so!

I got to attend my first ever "coffee" last night. Odd to think that I've been an Army wife for almost 8 years and never had a military coffee group to attend. Never invited. The band field is odd because it doesn't fall under the usual batallions and brigades and stuff. They get some support from one group, other support from another group, etc. So we don't really follow the regular protocol for coffee groups. So, I found out I belong to the "odds & ends" coffee group...that puts me in with a lot of higher-up muckety-muck spouses. Much to my relief, they were a GREAT bunch. I had a good time. I've signed up to CO-HOST a coffee. My friend Sandra will be the other hostess. She has a large home on post so she can fit more than 5 people in her dining room (we can't even fit 4 comfortably, and that's with 2 little ones!). I'll do most of the cooking...she claims she's not a good cook...but I have to disagree, because she makes some wonderful things that I enjoy eating! I'm more of a DARING cook...I like desserts and try pretty much everything at least once.

Last night, I made a concoction similar to chicken was SUPPOSED to be that, but I didn't have the patience to make the special "butter" or the hollandaise I took chicken tenders, cooked them in a frying pan (with Canola spray), and seasoned them. Then I wrapped the tenders in provolone cheese, wrapped that in pie crust (not home made!) and baked in the oven at 450° for about 20 minutes. I DID make the mistake of using a baking stone without a lip, and the cheese dripped out of one and caused some oven smoke, but it was good. Scott liked it, anyway, so that's a good measure!


Fern's mom said...

um... YUM! What a good idea! I'm trying that soon.

rennratt said...

I am SO using this recipe!

I make "Killer Brownies" for special events around here (Holidays, home groups, etc). The prep and baking takes maybe 30 minutes, if you are interested. The kids can help, as the recipe contains a total of EIGHT candy bars - cut up into pieces. (I am posting the recipe on my blog, in case you are interested.)

I also recommend 'Chocolate Silk' coffee by Folgers - or 'chocolate velvet' by Millstone.

I may have an addiction, here.