Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Driving me buggy...

Hannah came home with her monthly calendar yesterday...and "Hendricks Happenings" from her kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Hendricks (gotta hand it to her, it's unique!). Among things listed were questions to ask our children about things they are learning. Questions like: What different ways can you sort buttons? (Hannah's replies were by size, number of holes, colors and shapes, but they didn't really have many shapes, only round!). Another question: What does it mean when you say a butterfly or moth is symmetrical? (H says: if you cut it right down the middle, it's the same on both sides...oh and mommy, did you know that butterflies go through metamorphosis (pronounced CORRECTLY)? That means that they CHANGE from one thing to another - callapitter to butterfly!)

And in the middle of the Hendricks Happenings news letter, there was a notice that: "I have brought in an Orb Spider and built a frame for it. The kids are enjoying watching it spin a web, and we will be needing them to work on bringing in grasshopppers to feed to the spider". HUH????

So...with that in mind, we went on a grasshopper catching field trip this morning (after my doctor appointment). Hannah, Scotty and I walked in the grass with 2 cups and some aluminum foil (to cover the cups. We watched for the little jumpers, and when we saw one, I was the lucky soul to chase it. We got a really big one, and continued on the search for another one...finally catching a very small one. We brought them inside and put them into the ONLY clear thing I had available - my covered drinking cup! Scotty contributed the lovely flowers he picked so the grasshoppers wouldn't be lonely. The kiddos were quite facinated with these two guys. We discovered that the little one was missing one of his big jumping legs, but that didn't stop him from trying to hop out!!!

Anyway - pictures to share!


Fern's mom said...

Hey - you can buy 12 small grasshoppers for about a buck or two at the pet store.

Put in wet paper towel to keep them alive. Don't ask me why - just do it!

Susan - a pet lizard survivor

Sue said...

Scotty does look mesmerized doesn't he :)

SB said...

they need an ant farm...


I don't do bugs. ESPECIALLY lizards. I know that technically a lizard is NOT a bug. I am just deathly afraid of lizards.

Love the looks on the kids' faces. Too cute.