Sunday, October 01, 2006

Picture this....

Hannah and Scotty are down in the office/craft room, with Peter Pan on DVD playing. I'm on the computer (the kids are behind me)...and I see Scotty get up and dance. To the background music. He runs fast and quick and shakes his bootie when he hears fast and quick music. He crouches low and stomps when he hears the low music. He STOPS when the music stops. Basically, he is doing interpretive dance to all the music on the DVD...he prances on his tiptoes when the pretty flute music plays...the kid's got talent, I tell ya...he's just TOO cute.

meanwhile, Hannah is wrapped on a blanket, tagging on Carterbear's bum tag (hence the term "tagging"), hair fanned out upon a tinkerbell pillow - and I, with NO camera (it's upstairs, folks, and the minute I go for it, all will end!!!!)

Ah, I love my kiddos...they just do the cutest things.

Oh, and Scotty's doing all this while running a fever and being a generally sick child (Tylenol does wonders!)

If he's still got a fever tomorrow, I'm bringing him to the doctor.

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Sue said...

Darn girl, you need to get webcam :) I wanna see him dance :)