Monday, October 23, 2006

Get Ready...

To Wiggle!

The Wiggles are BIG in our house...for Scotty. Hannah's mostly outgrown them, though she'll watch with Scotty from time to time. Scotty is ENTHRALLED with them. We set out to get new slippers for the kids (and me) and came upon WIGGLE slippers. That was it. I couldn't talk Scotty into the Spiderman ones (actually, he wanted both, but I nixed that). So he picked the Wiggles. The BIG RED CAR. He loves them. He carries them around like they are toys!

Hey, at least these don't bark! He had slippers that were handed down to him from Hannah (thanks, Pepere!), they were doggy slippers and one of them had a button that would make them bark (gives a whole new meaning to the phrase about aching feet "man, my dogs are barking). Scotty figured them out quickly and they barked WAY too often. Well...he outgrew those rather quickly...and now it's the Wiggles.


SB said...

I must be THE ONLY mom in North America who never seen the Wiggles.....but those slippers are super cute!

Sue said...

I love 'em -- I would have bought those had i seen them :)