Tuesday, October 24, 2006

My latest project...

I have been DYING to learn how to knit "in the round" on multiple needles. I've been able to do it on circular knitting needles (two needles with a plastic cord attaching them) - albeit with poor results.

I read a bit about how to do it, but it never quite made any sense to me. But with lots of searching, I found a website with FREE how-to videos, and man oh man, it was SO easy to follow. The website is Knitting Help - and it really IS helpful.

So...I acquired some size 5 double-pointed needles (I only had size 1's) and set about making my first "round" project.

What do you think?

In case you can't figure it out, it's a newborn baby hat. What took the longest to figure out was that since I was knitting in the round, I didn't have to "flip" the work in order to get the stockinette stitch to work right, and I didn't have to knit one row, purl the next. Still am NOT sure how that happened, lol!

Also equally difficult is keeping the first and last stitch on EACH needle nice and tight - I am going to have to work on that a bit more.

But do you think I could make money selling these little cuties???


Fern's mom said...

I love it!

how long did you take to make this one? How long would it take you to make enough to - for example - stock a booth at a street fair? (You could take orders too...)

I think it's adorable and *I* would buy one for my infant niece (hint hint)


SB said...

TOO CUTE!! If I sent you some CRAZY colorful yarn, would you make me one? I would pay you.

I would LOVE To have a crazy colorful hat for myself.

Man, I wish I had your talent. I can't even sew.


Sue said...

I think that is great Bedine -- I would buy a few as baby shower gifts -- you know me -- speaking of -- I got your package and tried to call last night but phone was freakin busy -- I also need a salvation bracelet or two :)


Berry Patch said...

Really cute! I need to go check out that site - I've been trying to learn to knit.